Facebook group features and latest updates - June and July 2021

New Facebook Group Features + Updates – June And July 2021

Hello there!👋🏻

Welcome to our latest edition of the Facebook group features sneak peek.

I’m going to share with you 8 new Facebook group features and 4 group updates that were rolled out in the months of June and July 2021.

💡 3 features that will help grow your Facebook group

💡 2 features that enable tighter moderation

💡 1 feature that gives more power to admins and moderators

💡 1 feature that helps admins acknowledge members efforts

💡 1 feature that changes how you interact in the group

Let’s dive into them right away!

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new FB group features

🚀Grow your Facebook group 

1. Grow Group feature 

We all know growing a community is hard and it requires a lot of patience and effort.

To ease things, Facebook has introduced a new feature called ‘Grow Group’.

New Facebook Group Features Update June & July 2021

It increases the visibility of your group and suggests it to those people who might be interested to join.

When you click on it, you will be able to set your preferences like age, gender identity, location, and even add any other groups in your niche.

grow group 1

Based on this information, Facebook will suggest your group to relevant people.

Puja Anand Pandey, the admin of Mommies Schooling (Learning with fun) added her preferences when she came across this feature, and saw her community get approximately 2.5K more members in just 20 days.

FB Group Features Update - June & July 2021

2. Preview of group posts available for potential members

You can now choose to turn on a preview of your group posts by clicking on ‘Who can preview before joining’ under Membership in your group settings.

new facebook group update july 2021

When you do that, people who have been invited to your community will come across your group posts in their news feed.

It will give them a glimpse into the type of conversations happening in your community and help them make a decision – whether or not they want to join your group.

3. Related Discussions 

In an effort to increase the visibility of public groups, Facebook has started suggesting relevant groups to people based on their conversations in the groups they’re a part of.

For instance, a woman who’s a part of a general community commented how she liked a painting, she came across similar discussions happening in other public groups on her newsfeed.

Related Discussions Feature in July 2021

💪🏻Tighter Moderation 

1. Delete recent activity while blocking members 

Now if you decide to block a member who’s creating ruckus in your community, Facebook gives you two additional options (which I feel are pretty amazing) –

  1. Delete their recent activity including posts, comments, reactions
  2. Block that member’s all future new accounts from your group

increase the visibility of public groups

This feature saves ample time and effort as you don’t have to individually go to every post or comment done by this person, and delete it separately.

Additionally, it protects your group from future spamming by that member or others of his/her like.

New FB Group Updates

2. View Member summary 

You don’t have to keep a track of member activity anymore because Facebook does it for you!

Admins and moderators of a community can go to member profiles and click on ‘View member summary’ to see all of their recent posts and comments.

This makes it extremely easy for admins and moderators to find a particular post done by a memberview member summary in new facebook group update june 2021.


✌🏻More power to Admins and Moderators

1. Slow down comments 

With this new and interesting feature, admins and moderators can easily slow down the comments for a specific post in their groups. They just need to click on the three dots on the post and select ‘slow down comments’.

slow down comments feature in new facebook group change

When comments are slowed down for a post, each person can only post one comment every five minutes,” says Facebook.

The social media behemoth came up with this feature in an attempt to ease out comment wars that happen in the community and tackle any ongoing heated discussions and debates.

I believe it gives people time to think rather than acting impulsively purely out of their emotions.

Jyoti Aggarwal, the admin of Maa2Mom – Motherhood Parenting and Beyond says –

It might help when we want a post to slow down when something else is on priority.”

Other use cases shared by Monique Renee, another power admin from our community,

  1. This feature can help divert members’ attention to other posts (and not keep it restricted to just one) in a super active group
  2. It prevents members from getting blocked due to over commenting
  3. When used in contests or live sessions, it allows everyone to participate

When I questioned if members would be willing to come back to comment on that post, Monique told-

“Members do come back to interact on posts as long as they are aware that this option is turned on.”

slow down comments feature in july 2021 facebook group

👍🏻 Acknowledge members’ efforts 

1. Invite members to become group experts 

Facebook now allows you to invite members (who you feel contribute meaningfully in the group and spark valuable discussions) as group experts.

You’ll get a notification like the one below when Facebook makes this feature available for your community.

invite members as group expert

Head over to the members section and click on the ‘Add Experts’ button. A list of members will appear. Choose the ones you’d like to make an expert.

invite members as group expert 1

When you do, an invite is sent to the respective members and they can choose to / not to become an expert.

After they accept the invite, a group expert badge will be displayed next to their name.

This will highlight their expertise and knowledge in the community, and fellow members will look up to their help and suggestions even more.

💬New way to interact in the group

1. Default Post feature 

When you head over to your group settings, you’ll be able to see the ‘default post’’ feature under Manage Discussion.

Facebook group features June and July 2021

It allows you to change the default settings for the ‘write post’ section of your Facebook group.

In addition to ‘write something’, you now see a few other options to choose from. Those can be: choose a photo, what are you selling, create a job, or ask for prayers.

You can choose any of these options depending on what suits best for your Facebook group.

For instance, if you have a travel community or a photography community per say, you can select the ‘choose a photo’ option as default.

We can see these options under the default post feature in our community.

New Facebook group features june and july 2021,

Since none of them are suitable enough for our group as we discuss growth, engagement, and monetization of FB groups , we’d stick to ‘write something’ only.

Facebook group updates released in February

Moving on to…

Facebook group updates June & July 2021 

1. Sort Comments

Now choose how you’d like to see the comments on all your group posts – most recent comments, all comments, or suggested default.

Go to your group settings, and you’ll be able to see the ‘sort by’ option under Manage Discussion.

sort comments feature in new facebook group updates

Please note that although this setting will apply by default to all your group posts, members will still be able to change the order of comments when they view a given post.

2. Announcements appear in a swipeable cards format 

Your group announcements now appear in a swipeable cards format.

You can easily scroll through the top announcement posts in just a flick!

announcements in facebook group feature

This feature has been rolled out in a few groups as of now. For others, it’s a waiting game.

There’s nothing you can do at your end to receive new updates in your groups, except making sure your Facebook app is running on the latest version.

3. Sales format available for posts 

Since buying and selling on Facebook groups has become a common phenomena, the social media giant has come up with this new update where posts are automatically turned into sales posts whenever a member lists any product.

As far as I could gather, it’s because Facebook wants more and more people to try their marketplace.

However, admins in our Facebook group shared how their non-listing posts (contest posts, welcome posts) were being converted to sales posts due to this.

Sales format available for posts

 sales format for posts in new fb group change

Fortunately, Facebook looked into it and now one can turn off the sales format for posts that are not about listings.

To do this, you need to click on the three dots given on the post, and select ‘Turn off sale’ option.

4. Only 100 people can be tagged in a welcome post 

As per Facebook’s latest update, you can now tag only 100 members in a welcome post.

While this has minimal to almost no impact on small-sized communities, it has impacted large communities massively who see 100 people joining every single day.

If you too admin a large community and have been facing issues with this update lately, the only thing you can do is –

Start welcoming new members every single day.

Firstly, because it makes things easier for you. And secondly, this update is a bit glitchy atm.

A few admins in our community complained that they could still see 300 new members to welcome after they welcomed 100 out of them.

So, welcoming new members everyday seems to be a wise choice currently.

If you don’t want to do that, another thing you can try out is – Create a welcome post, keep the first 100 in your post, copy the remaining 200 tagged member names and paste them in the comments.

This way you will be able to welcome all the new members in a single post.

That’s all with the Facebook group changes for June and July 2021.🙌🏻

Don’t stress out if you don’t see any of these features in your group. Facebook will sooner or later make them available for your community.

Till then, make the most of what you have.

And in case you have any queries or would like to seek suggestions from other admins, join our community – Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins, and post them in there.🙂

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