6 Facebook Live Content Ideas For Your Facebook Group

6 Facebook Live Content Ideas For Your Facebook Group

As a Facebook Group Admin, thinking of what to post on your community on a daily basis can be taxing. But it’s not a secret that doing Facebook Lives inside your Facebook Group can drive tons of engagement and growth.

This is why it’s highly encouraged for Facebook Group admins to do regular Facebook Lives to spice up activity inside their communities.

The problem? Thinking of what to do or talk about during a Facebook Live can be difficult, especially if you’ve never done a Facebook Live before.

I’ve been in those shoes, as a Facebook Group Admin for over 5 years now, it wasn’t always easy for me to think of topics to talk about inside my group—let alone create a concept for a Facebook Live. As an introvert, even the thought of doing a Facebook Live scared me at times.

Eventually, I realized that Facebook Lives were very effective at driving engagement inside my Facebook Group. I just knew that I needed to do more of that if I wanted to grow my community.

This led me to experiment with different Facebook Live content ideas and formats and I measured which ones were the best in terms of performance, engagement, and group members’ sentiment.

After speaking with multiple Facebook Group Admins, drawing from my personal experience, and a massive dose of research, I’m putting together five of the best Facebook Live content ideas for your Facebook Group.

Hopefully this can give you the jumpstart you need to start doing more Facebook Lives consistently inside your community!

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6 Best Facebook Live Content Ideas

#1. Host a Facebook Live Q&A

One of the easiest ways to get started with a Facebook Live in your group is hosting a Q&A.

Q&As allow you to build a stronger relationship with your Facebook Group members. It also saves you a lot of time and effort, since you don’t have to prepare content beforehand.

All you have to do is hit ‘Go Live’ and field questions from your community. That instant exchange of value from you straight to your members is what makes a Q&A very effective.

A question asked by one person could potentially be something that other members of your community are thinking about. The Q&A then becomes an open forum of sorts where everyone can get value, even if they don’t directly ask the questions.

I’ve personally held numerous Facebook Lives inside my community throughout the years, and the Q&A format is one of my favorites. It lets me simply be myself, get casual, and get people talking.

Here’s a snapshot of a Q&A Facebook Live I did inside my community a couple of years ago. The comments kept pouring in and people were asking questions and even helping others out in the comment section.


A Q&A Facebook Live not only drives engagement but also empowers the members of your community to speak up and contribute.

#2. Interview Series

Interview shows have always been a hit. From radio, to TV, to YouTube, now even on Facebook Lives—an interview series is a proven content format that audiences love to consume.

In fact, at Convosight, we recently started our own Facebook Live interview series inside our Facebook Group called ‘Community Leader Spotlight’.

With the Community Leader Spotlight series, we interview prominent Facebook Group Admins where we get them to share their story to provide inspiration to aspiring community entrepreneurs.

We do this in an interview format, where someone from our team (in the case of our first two episodes, the interviewer was our CEO, Tamanna Dhamija) would interview, and the other person on would be an accomplished Facebook Group Admin that we invited.


For your Facebook Group, your guest can be someone who is a prominent figure in your industry. If you run a Facebook Group about entrepreneurship, it would make sense to feature and interview a successful entrepreneur.

The great thing about Interview style Facebook Lives is that there’s room for a lot of engagement to happen in the comment section. Audiences typically ask a lot of questions and share their insights in the comment section of these types of Facebook Lives.

To start executing this content idea, shortlist potential guests for your Facebook Live interview. You can also ask your members who they want you to interview. You’ll get some suggestions from your community and it’ll give you an idea of the kind of people they want to hear from. So even if you can’t successfully book the person they requested, you’ll be able to find similar guests that fit the profile they want to hear from.

#3. Behind-The-Scenes Facebook Live

Shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians get so many viewers because people naturally gravitate towards wanting to be in the know when it comes to other people’s lives. This is why doing Behind-The-Scenes Facebook Lives inside your Facebook Group can be an awesome idea.

You can build a much deeper relationship with your community if you start giving them a glimpse of your day-to-day life. Most of the time, members don’t know what a Facebook Group Admin really deals with on a daily basis. Aside from making sure that the Facebook Group doesn’t crumble into pieces—admins too have a life, which comes with its own set of problems and challenges.

Doing a behind the scenes (BTS) Facebook Live for your group can help your members have a deeper appreciation of what you do for the group and the community as a whole.

Your members want to be part of something bigger, and content formats like this will encourage and excite them.

#4. Surprise Facebook Live

They say that sometimes the best plan is to have no plan at all.

Whether that’s a saying you want to believe in, when it comes to Facebook Lives though, there’s some truth to that. The beauty of doing a surprise Facebook Live inside your group is that sometimes people love spontaneity.

You don’t need to have a plan or a topic in mind to go live inside your Facebook Group. The same way you don’t really need a reason to post that image, or ask that question—you just do.

Surprise Facebook Lives inside your community can work well because the element of surprise will take into effect. Your members will be curious and check out what you have to say.

The key with doing surprise Facebook Lives is to not do them often. The element of surprise will fade away if you overdo it. You’d want to keep your members excited–not knowing when the next random Facebook Live will happen.

Here’s a snapshot of a sample surprise Facebook Live from Convosight CEO Tamanna:


#5. Community Roundup

Another Facebook Live content format you can do inside your Facebook Group is a community roundup. At Convosight, we do this every two weeks!

The process is simple—we gather the top conversations that happened inside the community over the last week and discuss them with the members through a Facebook Live.

The reality is that most of the members inside your community don’t see each and every post. So doing a Facebook Live where you can discuss all the important topics that they may have missed out on is super valuable.

#6. Facebook Live Workshops

Another content idea for your FB live would be learning sessions or a workshop.

Facebook Group members stick around communities where they can get continuous value. What better way to provide high-quality content to your members than an actual Facebook Live workshop around a certain topic that’s important to them.

If you run a marketing-related community, doing a workshop on a popular marketing topic such as copywriting could be well-received by your audience.

If you run a music Facebook Group, doing a session where you teach your members how to play a certain instrument or a specific song will surely drive up engagement too.

Holding workshops are now easier and more convenient thanks to technology. Because of the global pandemic, people are now more comfortable attending workshops online. This means your members would welcome Facebook Live workshops—especially if they are free.


If you want to start growing engagement inside your Facebook Group, hosting a Facebook Live is one of the low hanging fruits you can execute on right away.

The Facebook algorithm favors Facebook Lives and gives it more reach and shows it to more people. The same applies if you run a live inside your community—more of your members will get notified and can potentially join in on your live. You can use this to your advantage if you want to increase your Facebook Group engagement.

If you’re ready to implement these Facebook lives content ideas and need some guidance on the technical side of doing a Facebook Live inside your group, read this article.

Hopefully, these content ideas can help make your Facebook Lives inside your community a success! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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