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Start your own Facebook Group in 5 Minutes!

  • by Richa Suri
  • March 31, 2020

It’s interesting to experience that big goals are achieved when you actually take action – no matter how small it may be. If you want to walk on the path of success then you have to push yourself & just get started. Yeeaah…. we know that’s a serious opening note for a 5 minute guide to starting a facebook group but it’s True.

You may plan on making a Fb group for various reasons ranging from interest, hobby to professional scope and it’s important to know why Facebook groups are powerful. Fb groups bring people closer to share knowledge & experience with each other instantly. It’s not just conversation exchange but a deeper connect for sharing similar interests. Even big brands have now realized the power of these active communities & we’ll be dwelling on that in the later posts. That’s 15 seconds gone, moving on…

Steps to Create a Facebook Group

Plan & Research:

This is not exactly a step but a ‘Pre’p-Step. Plan on the type of group you are going to create. For e.g If you want to make a Travel Group then start researching other Facebook travel groups, join them & see what’s happening. Note down the post content, type of discussions, problems of the members & their approach. Once you have better clarity, list down the ways you’d like to contribute to the space or improvise with your own group! Now you are ready to take the next big step. You can create as many Facebook groups as you want but if you plan on growing your group, then we recommend you to put your energy & focus on one till it organically scales up.

Click on Groups:

You can easily create a Facebook group from both mobile & desktop. If you’re viewing Facebook through the website then check the left column, under the Explore section & click on Groups. On the new page, you’d be able to see +Create Group tab right at the top left. A new popup will appear where you’ll have to enter the desired group name & privacy settings.

If you have a facebook mobile app then click on the 3 lines at the top right of the screen. The drop down will open & you have to click on the Group tab. Click on Create & the screen to enter groups details will show up.

Fill in the details:

Your Facebook group should be with an easy to remember name. Try to make it searchable & without complex signs or numbers. In the Add member row, you can add 1 member for now & move on to the next step. Suggesting this as you can invite members to your group later, once your group structure is in place.

In the privacy settings, you can keep the group open by choosing Public Group and if you plan on hiding the content then you can opt for Private Group. In the latest update, you can even choose to hide your group if your intent is to keep it a secret. If your aim is to grow your group then keep it visible to make your group searchable.

Add a Cover Photo

A great Facebook Group cover image should indicate what the group is about and of course appeal to the eyes. Try to steer away from too much text & clutter. Use a high-resolution image with a crisp message especially if your group is private as that’s probably the first thing to attract member’s attention. Make sure to get the size correct (1,640px by 856px) followed by a quick check to see if it’s displayed correctly on website and mobile. You can use canva to create awesome cover designs.

Add Description

Adding a compelling & clear description of your Group has to be a priority. Don’t leave it for another day to fill it up. You can share core information like:

Introduction of the Group

Purpose of your group

Who your group caters to?

Any Dos and Don’ts of the group

Still feeling lazy? Here’s a short basic template which you can copy & edit to start with! You are welcome..

XYZ GROUP was created to inspire people from around the globe to share experiences & queries in the form of images, videos, and anecdotes, about Your group subject.

We expect all our members to extend utmost respect and courtesy to fellow members. May it be a polite word of appreciation on a member’s experience or a heartfelt thank you for a member replying to your queries, it is absolutely imperative that we value each other’s inputs.”

After completing the Description, choose your Group type, enter the Tags, update Locations, Web and Email Address settings.

Invite Members

Now that you have the structure in place. Get ready to send invites to your friends & family members who you feel would benefit from the Group.

You can also share your Group link over other social media channels.

Post Content

Make sure to post 2-3 times, daily in the Group. You can have a content planner ready with posts & articles revolving around the Group’s area of interest. Be sure to have a good consistent mix of content to share informational, motivational & fun pieces. You may also run contests & polls to keep increasing the engagement & lure in more participation.

Engage & Enjoy

Along with sharing posts, focus on bringing members closer & encourage them to participate more. Ask questions & recommendations for various subjects under your group category. You will notice members responding with their suggestions and inputs, so appreciate the group members who are active as that motivates them to engage frequently. Above all, enjoy the process. It’s your community and it’s upon you to keep the energy of the Group high!

There you have it, if you follow all these steps right now then consider yourself successful in working towards making an amazing Facebook group. We suggest you to start now & read on to the next articles to learn how to increase Facebook group member count & engagement.

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