How Anne Scott Scaled Girl Gone International To A Thriving Global Community

We had another awesome episode for Community Leader Spotlight—this time, featuring Girl Gone International founder, Anne Scott.

Anne is one of the most accomplished Facebook Group admins and community leaders globally. In this third episode of our Community Leader Spotlight series, Anne shares her journey from starting Girl Gone International, to how she grew it to be present in over 200 cities with 2,000+ volunteers, plus how she is able to monetize and earn with the help of the experience and credentials she gained through building GGI.

This article is a quick teaser to the full episode #3, which you can watch over at our YouTube Channel.

Before you give it a watch (or a listen), here are some highlights for you!

Do The Things That Don’t Scale

Anne gives a very solid lesson in this interview: Do the things that don’t scale. People want to learn how to become successful, how to become rich, how to achieve x, y, z—but not everyone is willing to put in the work to get there. Anne wasn’t able to scale Girl Gone International without doing the hard work needed. She did manual outreach, events, among other strategies to ensure that she could grow Girl Gone International according to her vision. Listen to the full episode to learn about specific strategies she used to grow GGI.

Complete Training For Volunteers

With Girl Gone International, they have a playbook for everything. From community engagement, scaling, events… You name it! Anne is a very process-oriented person. She’s organized and loves building systems. All of that was in full effect in her Girl Gone International community, which she passed on to all her moderators and volunteers. Anne gives a glimpse of the systems that she uses for managing and growing her Facebook Group community in the interview. If you’re interested in learning more about these systems, go here.

Focus On The Fundamentals

Automation and scaling your Facebook Group can sound exciting. And yes, there’s a time to do that. Anne suggests though that focusing on the fundamentals is more important before you even start thinking about all the fancy marketing automation and tools. Anne also mentioned a few of her favorite tools that she uses to help manage her community and work, aside from Convosight.

From Free Lunch To Paid Consulting Gigs

When Anne started out, she worked a social media marketing job. Her compensation? Free lunch! Serendipity was in full effect, as during the interview, Anne told Tamanna that she actually had her lunch in this exact same cafe she got her first social media marketing gig earlier in the week. And now, she was there doing a business meeting, buying her own lunch! Everyone starts somewhere, and Anne’s inspiring journey is something better to hear for yourself.


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