Best Facebook Group Post Ideas To Engage Your Members

7 Excellent Facebook Group Post Ideas To Engage Your Members

While creating a community might be easy, getting members to engage requires the maximum effort.

As a community leader, you need to create the most relevant posts for your members that get them to interact.

If you’re a new admin or someone who’s struggling to put out the right kind of posts and engage your members, this blog is for you.

It lists seven attention-grabbing Facebook group post ideas your members cannot miss and would surely engage with.

7 Facebook group post ideas to get inspired fromĀ 

1. Polls

They are one of the most simple yet effective Facebook group post ideas that drive maximum engagement, provided what you ask is relevant to the members.

Polls are an excellent way to understand your members’ needs and serve them better.

Whenever you’re unsure about something, do a poll in your community and ask members directly!

Have a look at this poll the admin of the Official Peloton Member Page did. It got 42K votes and the post got 127 reactions and 387 comments!

Poll is one of the best Facebook Group Post Ideas

2. Welcome PostĀ 

Every day you have new members joining the community, and you should acknowledge that from time to time as an admin.

And that’s where welcome posts come in!

These make new members feel welcomed and help inculcate a positive culture in the community.

Facebook allows you to welcome new members and automatically tags them whenever you do.

All you need to ensure is to add attractive images and videos that help new members give context to the community’s happenings.

Look at the welcome post we do in our Facebook group of power admins. It’s short, simple, and points members to all the essential information in the community and elsewhere.

Welcome post

3. Add a PromptĀ 

Sometime back, Facebook released a new post type, i.e. Add a Prompt to help admins engage with their community members better. And I must say, it serves its purpose amazingly well.

Go to the ‘Create a post’ section in your community, and you’ll get the option of ‘add a prompt’.

It helps drive discussions by encouraging members to share photos.

Depending on your group type, you can ask members to share pictures of different things like the last selfie they clicked, the last dish they prepared, their latest makeup, and so on.

In our Facebook group, we asked admins to share images of the last live session they hosted in their communities.

Prompt a New Facebook Group Feature

4. Ask me AnythingĀ 

Facebook introduced the ‘Ask my anything’ post type and ‘add a prompt’. And both of them drive some excellent engagement.

Admins can use the ‘ask me anything’ post type to encourage members to ask them anything regarding a particular topic. And they can, after that, address their queries.

Look how Sapna Sengar, the admin of Brain and Physical Development Activities for Kids, hosted a question and answer session on infant digestion.

7 Excellent Facebook Group Post Ideas

Members shared their concerns/queries with her, got solutions to their problems, and learnt from each others’ issues.

5. Contests and Games

Nothing gets members to participate in group discussions and activities more than contests and games.

Depending on what your group is about, you can host contests and games that include giveaways.

For instance, if you have a food group, you can host a cooking contest and if you have an art and craft group, you can host an art contest.

The admin of Moms Magic Cooking hosted a cooking contest wherein members had to share their baking recipes and dishes they prepared out of Milkmaid.

Contests in FB Group

On the other hand, you can host games like tambola or live quizzes no matter your group type.

Look at the engagement on the live quiz (108 reactions and 432 comments) hosted by the admin of Makeup, skin, and hair care tips below.

Contest in community on facebook

To get your hands on some exciting contests that have proven to boost your Facebook group engagement, please refer to this blogšŸ‘‡šŸ»

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6. Live Session

If you don’t know by now, here’s sharing a constructive insight – People engage with live videos a lot.

Mainly because they get to see and interact with the other person in real-time.

Look at the engagement when the admin of Makeup, skin, and hair care tips went live to teach members a new makeup look.

716 reactions and 1.1K comments. Interesting, isn’t it?

Live Session

So, host a live session in your community and get your members to engage. You can either host a Q&A session or teach your members to do something, talk about a product, share a personal story, or anything alike.

7. Image or Video Post

If you recently published a new blog, did a podcast, or uploaded a video, share it with your group members.

You can do it either in the form of an image or video post, depending on the post type your members interact with the most.

I often share my blogs in our Facebook group as an image post, and here’s what it looks like.

Facebook post ideas to increase engagement

That’s all about the seven different Facebook group post ideas that can get your members talking and participating in community discussions.

Please refer to this blog if you’d like to get your hands on some more strategies.šŸ‘‡šŸ»

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Let me know in the comments below which post idea you liked the most and how it worked out for you. You can also write to me in our Facebook group, where thousands of community leaders are constantly discussing this and more about community building.

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