Celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day 2021

Community Managers all over the world—rejoice! 🙌

Today is an extraordinary day for all of us.

Happy Community Managers Appreciation Day! 🎉

Every 4th Monday of January (this year, January 25) marks the official Community Manager Appreciation Day (Community Manager Advancement Day or #CMAD). It’s a special day where community managers worldwide are recognized for their hard work and dedication to the communities they serve.

This year’s theme: ‘Resilience’.

Being a community manager isn’t easy. Hundreds of notifications, dozens of posts to approve, thinking of new content to create and engage your members daily…

It can get overwhelming, no matter how long you’ve been running your community.

At Convosight, we’ve been committed to helping community managers and leaders like you grow, nurture, and even monetize their communities. With over 5,000 community leaders in our network, we know the day-to-day grind that community managers go through.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows what a community manager does. Most people know social media managers, but the concept of community management and community marketing isn’t as mainstream.

This is why we wanted to take this time to give community managers some love 💚, highlight what they do, and look deeper into community management’s history so that more people can appreciate our beloved community leaders.

Let’s dig in! 👇

What is a Community Manager?

Wikipedia defines a community manager as “someone who builds, grows, and manages online communities, performing community management, often around a brand or cause.

We believe in the power of community.

For brands, having a strong community can drive massive growth. For non-profits, a strong community means driving continuous support and awareness.

A community manager is someone who leads the helm and drives these results. They are the lifeblood of these communities because, without them, a community will go nowhere.

Sadly, some people confuse community managers with social media managers (and vice versa). Though there are some similarities, community managers have a more specific scope and different objectives.

Here are some of the tasks that Community Managers do on a daily basis:

  • Creating a welcoming environment inside the community platform of choice (Facebook Group, Telegram, Discord, Slack, etc.)
  • Approving new members and rejecting troll accounts
  • Organizing activities and events inside the community (webinars, live meetups, fireside chats, giveaways, etc.)
  • Responding to inquiries and comments from members of the community
  • Collaborating with other communities, key opinion leaders, and influencers to
  • Create engaging content for members
  • Monitoring online community sentiments and reviews through analytics
  • Promoting a brand’s relevant promos, new product launches, and campaigns

A community manager does all these and more. It’s a role that requires skills, commitment, dedication, and a genuine desire and enthusiasm to serve others.

The Origin of Community Manager Appreciation Day

Today, Community Manager Appreciation Day is recognized and celebrated annually on the fourth Monday of January.

Jeremiah Owyang, a Technology Industry Analyst, originally launched the concept of the #CMAD back in 2010 to celebrate community managers all over the world.

In 2020, the theme for #CMAD was self-care. For 2021, it’s all about resilience. And after the year we’ve all been through, the theme is very timely!

Read more about this year’s Community Manager Advancement Day theme here.

Note: In 2020, Community Manager Appreciation Day was renamed as Community Manager Advancement Day. Though both terms, as well as its acronym CMAD, is still widely accepted.

Let’s Celebrate Community Managers Every Day!

Though we want this day to be extra special for community managers, we also believe that community managers deserve to be celebrated and recognized every day!

Here at Convosight, we created a Facebook Group for community managers and leaders across the globe. We have regular discussions on community growth, management, and monetization. It’s a place online where you can hang out with other community leaders who share the same mission and vision as you.

Be part of the family and join our community today! 💚

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