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10 Facebook Group Admin Qualities That Help You Become Successful

Building a community from scratch is hard but planning to scale and monetise it is even harder.

It needs no miracle but hard work and the right set of superpowers!

So, we recently asked the community entrepreneurs in our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins about their superpower (the one that sets them apart). And, their answers were so wonderful that we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing them with you!!

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Going through this list, you’ll realize:

  • The number of Facebook group admin qualities that you already possess
  • The different ways in which other Facebook group admins are using their superpowers/qualities
  • The need for you to acquire one or two Facebook group admin qualities to take your thriving community to the next level

Because, let’s admit it, no one is born perfect. And, it’s okay to not have them all!

But, the best part is you can acquire these qualities easily as you move ahead in your journey 🙂

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into them!

Top 10 Facebook Group Admin Qualities

1. Good Listening

Listening is the ability to understand your community’s needs. It is the key for effective communication. Unless you know what your community members need or what their pain points are, you won’t be able to provide them valuable solutions.

Princy K, considers understanding the pain point of her members as her superpower!

princy K (1)

Without this Facebook group admin quality, you won’t be able to solve your community’s problems with clear and well-researched content. This will affect the engagement of the group. Slowly, your members will not find any value in the group, they may become silent members or leave the community.

On the contrary, if you do have an understanding of their pain points and provide them with tailor made solutions that give them value, you’ll gain loyal followers. They may also then go on to recommend your group to other people.

2. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand your members’ feelings. It is nothing but putting yourself in your members’ shoes and imagining what your community looks like from your member’s perspective.

Here’s what Adit Kohli has to share:-

Adit Kohli New

When your approach lacks empathy and your members hesitate to reach out to you, the whole purpose of having a community is dissolved. What it also does, is that it makes your members feel not being valued and understood enough, hence they may never interact with other members too.

On the other hand, a little empathy goes a long way in building good relationships with your community members, leading to great relationships within the community too. It makes you and your community easily approachable for your members, where everyone feels they can rely on their extended family (your group) for solutions.

3. Inclusiveness

Being inclusive means to create a safe and comfortable space for all your community members. This encourages them to share whatever they want and actively start participating in the community.

Let’s hear why Asha Chaudhry considers inclusiveness as her superpower:-

asha chaudhary

If your community is not inclusive, your community members will never feel that they belong to your community. They will engage less and not form deep connections with other community members. Slowly they will leave the community.

In an inclusive community, people feel at home, and there is always a sense of belonging. This encourages them to start answering questions and actively participate in the community. They also then start coming forward to help other members. This reduces your responsibility, leading to higher engagement and more connections in the community.

4. Patience

It is the most important Facebook group admin quality you need to have in your pocket! Growing a community needs a lot of patience, love and care which can’t be accomplished in a day!

Krystal Wu, Hubspot’s Social Media Community Manager, gets it right here:-

Krystal Wu (1)

If you are an impatient person who likes to see results in a few days, community building will become really hard. There will be days when you’ll take time to understand things or when a particular strategy fails which means starting all over again. Even the time it takes to get your first 1000 members will make you impatient.

But if you keep on going at it with patience and hope, you’ll soon find things that work for you! Dealing with so many different people with varying issues and points of view is quite an overwhelming job. Your best bet is to continuously keep going at it and come with innovative solutions which will be rewarded in the form of an actively engaged community!

5. Empowering People

Empowering your members is the ability to provide them with tools and resources they need to solve their day to day issues. In other words, giving them the power to help themselves and even others.

Here’s what these admins think:-
anshumann sood

A community is as insightful as its members. If you do not empower your community with the necessary resources then they will always depend on you for information, which will make your work hectic.

On the other hand, sharing knowledge with members not only empowers them with the right information and solve their pain points but it also makes them realize that you genuinely want to help them. Once you empower your members they will happily come forward and resolve other member queries, leading to better engagement and a well knitted community!

6. Motivation

What’s a better way to motivate people than to appreciate them?

Appreciation works as the biggest motivation for people and when your members are motivated they can do wonders for themselves.

Jyoti Agarawal has created leaders by motivating and appreciating people!

jyoti agarawal superpower

If there’s a lack of motivation in your community, your group will not be able to grow true to its potential. People join communities to become a better version of themselves. If they are not motivated enough they will not be able to learn and grow in your community. They will end up not getting any value and might leave your community.

Motivating others in an adverse situation is an important skill that can make a person feel special. This makes them do amazing things for themselves as well as the community. Having a motivated member on your side who is always brimming with positive vibes is a plus one!

7. Sharing Ownership

It is the ability to empower not only yourself, as a Facebook group admin, but also uplift your team members with the right tools and knowledge to let them take independent decisions.

Here’s how Sapna Amit Agarwal pens it beautifully:-

sapna amit agarawal

If you do not give your team members the space to work independently, they might not be able to handle your community to the best of their abilities. This means the burden of managing the community falls entirely on you, despite having a team.

But if your team members are empowered and aligned with your group’s goals then it is a win-win situation for everyone. Gradually, you’ll see leaders in your community who can moderate your group, answer queries etc, giving you some time to relax! 🙂

8. Passion

Passion means to have a genuine reason and enthusiasm to do what you are doing. Passion is the foremost superpower you need to have when you are trying to build a community which requires you to do 10 things at a time.

See how Nazia Parveen has made it her superpower:-

nazia parveen's Facebook Group Admin Qualities

If you are not passionate for the community you are trying to build, managing things can get difficult. Immediately responding to member queries or controlling spam are some of the many things a community entrepreneur juggles with on a daily basis. Lack of passion will not help you to take your group to greater heights.

On the other hand, a passionate Facebook group admin with a vision can do wonders for their community. It will be a major driving force for you and your team to build a strongly connected community.

9. Creativity

Creativity is something that comes from within! Of course you can research and come up with a solution, but to stand apart you need to create unique and personalized solutions for your members in the form of pain point based content.

Lack of creativity in your approach will make your members feel bored. They will stop contributing to the group and might leave it too, if they feel they can get better value from any other community.

You understand your community the best, so the responsibility for keeping your members engaged by relevant content falls on you! It doesn’t mean that you need to be a master designer or a great wordsmith, but find ways that will lead to better engagement and captivate your audience. This will ensure that you have an engaging community with members participating actively!

10. Conflict Management

It is nothing but the ability to handle differing opinions, hot takes in your community with as much respect as possible.

Here’s how Jyoti Agarawal handles heated opinions:-

jyoti agarawal superpower 1

If you do not handle opinions in a way that seems unbiased and de-escalate the matter, it might lead to profanity and unpleasantness in the group. And if this starts to happen on a regular basis then you will start to lose members.

To avoid that from happening, you must make your members understand that everyone is entitled to their own belief. Always try to acknowledge alternate viewpoints while making the community understand to agree to disagree. This will encourage your group members to be respectful towards everyone while keeping your group a positive space.

That’s all for now!

Feel free to be a part of our facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins, where thousands of Facebook group admins like you, are constantly discussing ways to grow together and are motivating each other in this journey of building communities!!

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