How To Reshare Posts In Your Facebook Group

How To Reshare Posts In Your Facebook Group?

Resharing old posts from your group is an easy way to reuse highly engaging content.

Especially, if your group has a lot of new members joining regularly or has a lot of posts being published.

Reshare post can be used as a powerful feature to give a good post its complete exposure.

To reshare a previously shared post in your group:

  1. Go to the Reshare posts in the Left tab on the Convosight Dashboard
  2. Here you will find the top posts previously shared in your group
  3. These posts are segmented according to post time and are sorted in a descending order of engagement
  4. Select the post you want to reshare
  5. Click on the Repost Button
  6. Write a caption to your post
  7. Select Schedule, Auto-Schedule or Publish Now from the dropdown menu

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Additional Help

If you still need any assistance, kindly go through this video.

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