Community Builders Fellowship-The Ultimate Program for Community Builders

The Ultimate Program for Community Builders

Learning about marketing has never been this easy and accessible. Want to learn how to run Facebook Ads? Easy—there’s an online course for that. Interested in learning the latest tips and tricks on TikTok? There’s a course for that too!

But when it comes to learning how to grow an online community—the resources aren’t as plentiful. As someone who runs a Facebook Group of 14,000 members, awesome as that achievement was for me, I admit that I had to learn everything on my own. There wasn’t a course or mentor to guide me through what to do and how to grow my online community.

Luckily, 2021 has been quite generous for community leaders.

Suppose you’ve been looking for a blueprint on how to grow an online community. In that case, I’m happy to share with you a fantastic program that aims to equip both aspiring and seasoned community leaders with the right tools, knowledge, and strategies on how to supercharge and scale an online community.

Introducing: On Deck Community Builders Fellowship

On Deck’s Community Builders Fellowship is an 8-week online program where fellows get to learn how to build communities, how to grow and scale, and most importantly—how to keep the magic going as the community grows.

What makes this program really special is that On Deck is sharing their entire playbook on how they’ve built their own community while also bringing in proven experts who’ve ‘been there and done that.’

See the full Community Builders Fellowship curriculum here.

As a community leader, I’m super excited about On Deck’s Community Builders Fellowship because of the opportunity to learn and connect with other like-minded people who share the same passion for communities.


This fellowship is for you if you’re someone who:

✅ Does community management for a living
✅ Has a good understanding of the power of communities and want to build and grow one yourself
✅ Interested in building a high-growth and high-impact community
✅ Fully committed to growing an online community for the long-term

Because the program comes with an investment, it’s best to join only if you’re genuinely committed to taking your online community to the next level. Though I’m sure On Deck welcomes beginners, my personal recommendation is that you consider joining the fellowship if you’ve had at least some level of success with online communities, such as managing your own Facebook Group.

For most Facebook Group Admins, finding that sustainable and repeatable growth system can be elusive. With On Deck and their roster of experts’ guidance, there’s a solid possibility that your online community can achieve amazing transformation after 8-10 weeks.

Demand for Community Managers continue to increase in 2021

With community managers becoming more in-demand, a program like this is a breath of fresh air for the industry as a whole.

I can’t help but get excited about the future of community builders—with momentum on our side and powerful resources like the Community Builders Fellowship—my prediction is that more and more brands will be leveraging community marketing in the coming years.

Over To You

Are you excited about the future of communities? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @convosight. You can also join the conversation on our private Facebook Group where we discuss everything about growing and monetizing Facebook Groups and online communities.

And if ever you’re interested in learning more about On Deck’s Community Builders Fellowship, simply click here to view their full curriculum and FAQs.

We’d love for you to take that next step in your community-building journey, and hopefully, the fellowship does wonders for you and the people you serve.

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