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Apply for the 1st Community Awards by Convosight! 🌟

Ready to Sparkle? It's Time to Celebrate and Showcase the Magic You've Crafted in Your Communities!

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Community Leaders! 🌟

We would love to hear about your extraordinary journey! Apply for the Convosight Community Awards and let us celebrate the passion, creativity, and impact you've brought to your communities. You're not just leading communities; you're shaping experiences and lives. It's time your achievements get the spotlight they deserve!

🌟 Meet the Esteemed Jury of the Awards 🌟

Your incredible stories will be evaluated by the best in the business - marketing leaders from India's top brands. They're excited to discover the passion and creativity behind your thriving communities!

🌟 Explore Our Exciting Award Categories! 🌟

Celebrating Excellence Across Various Spheres of Community Building


Best in Category
(10K+ Members)

Recognizing groups with exceptional engagement, boasting 75%+ in group category and high post-level interaction.


Small but Mighty
(2K-10K Members)

Honoring smaller groups making a big impact, with 75%+ group category engagement and high post activity.


Community Leader of the Year

Celebrating a leader who achieved 5%+ community growth, referred up to 5 groups, delivered high-quality content in campaigns, and maintained 75%+ group engagement.


Community of the Year

Acknowledging communities with a minimum of 5% growth in membership and an impressive 75%+ engagement rate.


Most Engaged Community

Awarding the community that has rapidly increased its category engagement by over 100%.


Community Maestro

Recognizing the leader who has executed the maximum number of successful campaigns.

Apply for the First Community Awards by Convosight
Apply for the First Community
Awards by Convosight

To qualify for awards, after submitting your application

You need to be an admin of a group with more than 2000 members

Create your Admin Bio

Your Admin bio is your Community Manager resume and is your opportunity to shine! Make sure you have made your admin bio and shared its link in the form to complete your application.

Create your Group Profile

Creating a Group Profile gives you a great opportunity to showcase your community and its achievements. Make sure you have made the group profile of atleast one group you are applying with to complete your application. Your group profile also needs to have minimum 25 reviews given by your members to qualify for the awards.

Invest the next 45 days in increasing the engagement of your group to increase your chances of winning
🌟 Your Journey to the Convosight Community Awards 🌟
βœ… Kickstart Your Journey

Apply by 18th Feb, 2024: Don't miss out! Make sure your application is in by this date.

πŸ—’ Jury Panel Announcement

By 1st Mar, 2024: Jury will be brand managers from the top brands in India + Convosight team.

πŸ’¬ Round 1 Selection

By 15th Mar, 2024: If you are selected you will be notified by 15 Mar 2024. Ensure that you have subscribed to Whatsapp.

πŸ‘† Elevate Your Skills

Between 19th Mar to 18th Apr, 2024: Get tips and training to boost engagement in your group and increase your chances of winning.

πŸ“Š Performance Evaluation

Starting 1st Apr, 2024: Communities excelling in boosting overall engagement will advance to Round 2.

🌟 Celebrating the Winners

Winner Announcement: The top-performing communities will be declared winners by the end of April!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the criteria for eligibility for community awards?

- Your Facebook group(s) must have min. 2000 members
- You must have an Admin Bio - with all sections completed
- You must have a Group Profile with more than 25 reviews from members

How are the winners selected?

Winners are selected by the jury panel of Convosight team members along with brand personnel. The judging process is impartial and thorough.

When will the winners be announced?

The announcement date for award winners will be communicated on our website and through our official communication channels by the end of April.

Is there an entry fee for the application?

No, there is no entry fee for submitting applications for the community awards. Participation is free of charge.

What type of recognition do award winners receive?

Award winners will receive a certificate and trophy of achievement, along with public recognition on our platform. Specific details will be outlined at a later stage.

How can I stay updated on award-related announcements and deadlines?

To stay informed, please join our Facebook group and subscribe to WhatsApp. We will regularly post updates and important information related to our community awards.

How can I subscribe to Convosight WhatsApp?

Video link for step-by-step instructions

How can I recommend or refer other groups?

For the admins you wish to refer, you can fill this form - LINK.

Can both Public and Private groups be eligible for awards?

Yes, our community awards are open to both Public and Private Facebook groups.Make sure that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria.

How can I nominate my Facebook group or participate in the awards?

To nominate your Facebook group(s) in our community awards, you need to visit https://www.convosight.com/community-awards, and fill out the form shared at the bottom.
PS. Ensure that you fulfill all eligibility criteria before applying.

When will the applications open, and what is the last date for submission?

The application window opens on January 05, 2024, and the last day to submit the application form is Feb 18, 2024.

I have more than one Facebook group. How many groups can I nominate?

You can easily nominate all your desired Facebook groups in the community awards by sharing their links in the form.

How to get a review on my group profile?

Reviews on your Group Profile enhance your Facebook group’s credibility. The more the reviews, the more people would be willing to join it. Here’s how you can get reviews on your Group Profile:
  • Log in to your Convosight account
  • Click on β€˜Edit group profile’ and navigate to your group profile
  • From the left, select the group you wish to see the group profile for
  • Click on the three dots and select β€˜Share’
  • Copy the link generated
  • Share the link in your Facebook group and encourage members to review your group.

Apply for the First Community
Awards by Convosight

Apply for the First Community Awards by Convosight