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  • Veet wanted to create buzz and organic chatter around the launch of new Veet Pure. They also wanted to build consideration by highlighting the USPs and building brand RTBs at scale.
  • They used an insight-based community marketing approach to create conversations around various use cases of Veet Pure and what makes it the best hair depilation cream. The brand achieved this by engaging 400+ Parenting, Women, and Beauty & Lifestyle communities with over 15 M+ decision-making women.
  • The brand achieved 330K+ UGCs, 917K+ engagements, and 380K+ brand mentions, along with strong association with ‘painless’, ‘for sensitive skin women’, ‘good smelling cream’ and ‘being safe’.

About Veet Pure

Veet is one of the trusted and oldest brands regarding hair removal creams. Enriched with natural extracts, Veet launched Veet pure new, which claims to be more gentle for every skin, leaving it smoother and fresher. Veet Pure has no ammonia and is enriched with natural cucumber, aloe vera, and grape seed oil extracts that make skin soothing, soft, and fresh.

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Veet’s Objectives

Veet wanted to create awareness and consideration for its new Veet pure by generating organic chatter at scale. They wanted to build brand advocacy by highlighting the USPs like no awful smell, perfect for sensitive skin, no ammonia added, and a painless hair removal experience.

“Veet wanted to create buzz and organic chatter around the launch of new Veet Pure and build brand RTBs at scale.”

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

To help the brand achieve its objective, we identified communities where conversations around skin care, beauty, hair removal, etc., were happening the most and selected the most relevant 400+ communities around Parenting, Women, and Beauty & Lifestyle with over 15 Million+ decision-making women.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

To drive the campaign, we analyzed the existing conversations in the above communities to understand consumers' choices on hair removal creams, pain points, and experiences with creams. We found that -

  • They did not like the bad chemical fragrance in hair removal creams.
  • Members discussed the side effects like burns, rashes, allergies, dark patches, etc. They shared their experiences and also wanted to know how to prevent them.
  • Members actively give and seek recommendations on their hair depletion creams, other hair removal methods, and different scenarios in which hair removal creams could be used.
  • They look for natural ways to remove their body hair.

With members discussing natural and odour-free ways for hair depletion, we focused on creating conversations around the natural ingredients used in Veet Pure, the good fragrance and the pleasant experience that it gives while highlighting the various use cases for Veet Pure.

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

Aligning the brand objective and consumer insights, we planned a four-phase campaign to create organic chatter around Veet Pure's benefits. To achieve this, we launched a Share of Voice program across all four phases led by brand evangelists.

The brand evangelists were the community members using the product and wanted to share their experiences further and build organic conversations for Veet Pure. We collaborated with 400 brand evangelists across 400+ communities for each phase.

In the first phase, we focused on introducing Veet Pure new and creating conversations about usage experiences by highlighting various personal use cases. We introduced personal use cases like using Veet in case of an emergency travel/function, carrying Veet Pure while travelling or going on vacation, using it for bikini areas, for young girls, etc. All of the conversations were initiated by brand evangelists, and members actively started commenting on it with their thoughts, questions, and experiences. The brand evangelists ensured to close the conversation loop by sharing their positive personal experiences and encouraging members to try the product and share their experiences.

In the second phase, we focused on positioning Veet pure usage to get festive-ready and build consideration for the brand during festive season. The admins from different regions shared their festive looks and how they used Veet Pure to get festive-ready. Admins all across India shared different festive looks, such as from Northern region, they shared the Karwa Chauth and Diwali look; from the South, they shared Dussehra look, etc. The admins tagged members and encouraged them to share their festive looks creating further excitement and participation and sharing their experience with Veet pure. Members with the best festive looks were given gift hampers from the brand.

In the third and fourth phases, we focused on positioning Veet pure with a painless and smooth experience and also busting common myths around hair removal creams. To achieve this, brand evangelists and members focused on sharing experiences while highlighting the key USPs like fragrance, quick and painless free method, natural ingredients, etc. We also hosted an expert-led session to answer members' concerns and myths regarding hair depilation creams.

As members shared their personal experiences with the product, it led to an influx of conversations regarding the brand, hair depilation creams, usage experiences of Veet and more.

Solution Types

Static Posts

SoV Program

Videos of Usage

Expert Live Sessions

RoI of Community Marketing for Veet Pure 📈

(350% increase from the target set)
Brand Mentions
(1000% increase from the target set)
(196% increase from the target set)

The Big Beautiful Highlights

  • The campaign proved to be a success for the brand by overachieving all the targets by 3X.
  • The brand achieved 330K+ UGCs which is 350% increase from the target set of 73,800 before the campaign.
  • Veet received 380K+ brand mentions out of which 144K+ brand mentions were only for Veet pure.
  • The brand achieved Brand share of Voice by 99%.
  • The Parenting communities had the highest engagement with the campaign, that is 51%, followed by Beauty & Lifestyle communities.
  • Underarms (30%) and Legs (25%) are the usage areas associated with Veet Pure Hair Removal Creams. South communities use creams for sensitive areas - Underarms and Bikinis (67%).
  • The usage conversations for Veet Pure were around 35%, recommendations conversations were around 13%-14% salience followed by purchase conversations around 5%
  • The new Veet Pure’s key RTBs were Fragrance & no bad smell (around 9-10% salience of the conversations) and natural ingredients (around 12% of the conversations).

The brand overachieved its targets and received high engagement and participation from community members. Members actively shared their experiences and associated the brand with painless, for sensitive skin women, good smelling cream and safe.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Community members actively engaged in conversations, participated in the campaign, and shared their usage experiences, leading to a huge number of brand mentions and UGCs.

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