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  • With the launch of the new Galaxy Watch4, Samsung wanted to create a buzz around the launch and create awareness and consideration for the watch.
  • They used an insight-based community marketing approach to drive conversations around the watch and position it as the fitness watch that knows you the best.
  • They achieved their objective by engaging 3.8 Mn+ fitness and lifestyle enthusiasts in over 75 online communities.
  • The brand achieved 6100 UGCs, 8900 brand mentions, and 52K+ category conversations, along with strengthening the association of ‘features’, ‘awesome’, ‘good’, ‘healthy’, ‘fitness’, ‘track’, and ‘activities’ with the brand.

About samsung galaxyWatch 4

Samsung is one of the most trusted smartphone brands in the world. They launched the Galaxy Watch4 in 2021, commencing a new era of smartwatch innovation to drive holistic health and wellness. Samsung’s mission is to take inspiration from what people want to accomplish in their lives and work to create products that empower in new ways.

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Samsung galaxyWatch 4 Objectives

Samsung wanted to drive meaningful conversations around fitness watches, educate people about their new product and showcase its unique features. The brand wanted to position the watch as a fitness tracking watch and the best health companion that knows you the best.

“The brand wanted to create buzz, build awareness and consideration for the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

Samsung took an insight-based Community Marketing solution to build awareness and consideration of Galaxy Watch4 by engaging with 3.8 Million+ fitness and lifestyle enthusiast members across 75 communities based on Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, and Technology.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

To drive the campaign, we analysed the existing conversations in the above communities and saw that:

  • Members actively give and seek recommendations for the best fitness/smart watches
  • Members are keen on buying a budget smartwatch
  • They want to gain clarity on what kind of activities a smartwatch can track and how they can make the most of a smartwatch

With most of the conversations happening around how to make the best use of a smart watch, we planned campaigns focusing on educating the features and usage of Galaxy smart watch4.

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

We planned the campaign in three phases. Each phase focused on creating buzz and awareness for the product while creating a strong association for the brand among the members.

Phase one of the campaign focused on creating the buzz for the launch of Galaxy4 watch while informing the members about the amazing features of the watch. The admins led the conversations by sharing their views on what excites them about the watch and the reason why they are looking forward to buying it. They asked the community members whether they had checked the watch and what feature excites them most.

The second phase was in continuation to Phase one, and it also generated conversations around the features and benefits of the product, leading to increased awareness and consideration for Samsung Galaxy Watch4. This admin-led UGC phase focused on admins sharing their personal experiences on how they are using the watch and positioning the smartwatch as the watch that knows them the best. This led the members to check the product and share their personal experiences.

The third phase focused on building consideration of the product while positioning the product as the best health companion for the members. The admins shared their reasons for choosing the Samsung Galaxy watch4 brand as their resolution buddy and health companion and generated conversations by asking members how they think the Samsung Galaxy watch4 can help them in their fitness journey and resolution.

As members shared their personal experiences with the product, it led to an influx of conversations regarding the brand, fitness journey, and the usage of Galaxy watch4.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images

RoI of Community Marketing
for Samsung 📈

Brand Mentions
(an increase from 2 mentions before the campaign)
(overachieved from the target of 4968)
Category Conversations
(an increase from 1,431 conversations before the campaign )

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

  • The product received a high positive association with 57% of the brand conversation around positive response on the brand
  • Usage conversations increased from 2.9% in Phase 2 to 6.9% in Phase 3
  • Purchase intent conversation increased from 2.3% in phase 2 to 4.7% in phase 3
  • The brand achieved 95% positive sentiment for the brand and 0.5% negative feedback, which was mostly usage-related bad experiences of customers
  • Due to consistent communication non-prompted SOV for the brand increased from 54% to 69.5%
  • Health & Fitness groups contributed to maximum share across Brand Mention, UGC and Category Conversation with 62%, 77% and 75%, respectively

Across all the phases, we strengthened the association of ‘features’, ‘awesome’, ‘good’, ‘healthy’, ‘fitness’, ‘track’, and ‘activities’ with the brand while continuously creating buzz for the watch and educating members of the amazing features. Features dominated the conversation consistently throughout the campaign period, followed by design conversation.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

The unique experiences & testimonials of thousands of members brought their own personalities and style to each of their posts.

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