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  • Nestle Purina Pro Plan aimed to generate organic word of mouth and build brand RTBs by reaching out to pet parents and educating them about the benefits of colostrum for puppies.
  • Purina Pro took an insight-based community marketing approach to drive conversations around colostrum benefits by engaging 54 pet parent communities with over 2.2 million members.
  • The brand achieved 1.7K+ brand mentions, 3120 UGCs, 71% brand share of voice, and a strong association with ‘Colostrum’, ‘Healthy’, and ‘Immunity’.

About Purina Pro Plan

Nestle Purina Pro Plan strives to make your pet’s best life possible through the power of nutrition. The brand believes in creating food that nourishes the whole pet, from giving them the energy to chase a ball or conquer a feather to providing them with cutting-edge nutrition that gives them more healthy and happy years with you. The brand is guided by the belief that pets and people are better together.

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Purina Pro Plan’s Objectives

Purina Pro wanted to drive meaningful conversations around benefits of colostrum for pets and position itself as one of the most nutritious food/brand for pets.

“Purina Pro Plan aimed to generate organic word of mouth and build brand RTBs for their product by reaching out to pet parents.”.

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

Purina Pro Plan took an insight-based Community Marketing solution to reach out to pet parents by engaging with 54 pet parent communities with over 2.2 million members to educate them about the benefits of colostrum for puppies.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

Before driving the campaign, we analysed existing conversations in the above communities to understand the discussion, pain points, and ideas members had regarding pet food. We observed that -

  • Members actively gave and looked for recommendations about the food that they provide to their pets.
  • They discussed what they do to maintain good hygiene and health of their pets.
  • They discussed ways to train their pets.

With members actively discussing the pet nutrients, we focused on creating conversations around the benefits of colostrum for healthy and happy pets.

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

Aligning the brand objective and our approach, we planned a two-phase campaign for the brand.

The campaign's first phase was a UGC-led campaign that focused on educating members about colostrum in puppies' diets. The admins led the campaign by sharing the benefits of colostrum in puppies' diets and boosting awareness of Purina Pro Plan, which also comes with colostrum and enhances immune response. They shared playful and happy pictures of their pets and placed the Purina Pro Plan packet shots in their photographs.

In the second phase, we focused on strengthening the association of brands with the members by making members understand the benefits of giving kibble to puppies and helping them with a detailed feeding guide. In this phase, the admins shared their experience of how keeping their puppies on kibble helped achieve health benefits and proper nourishment for their puppies. They shared their trust and why Purina Pro Plan made their favourite product for pets. The admins also encouraged the members to share the benefits they see by giving kibble to their puppies and feeding Purina Pro Plan.

Solution types

Static Posts

RoI of Community Marketing
for Purina Pro 📈

Brand Mentions (an increase from 1.4K- the target before the campaign)
UGCs (received 1141 distinct posts)
Brand Share of Voice (an increase from 8.1% during the campaign)

The Big Beautiful Highlights

  • The brand overachieved its target in the first intervention itself. There were 1782 mentions for Nestle Purina Pro Plan. 70.4% (1256) of the total brand mentions had a high positive emotional attribute, and 45.6% (814) of total brand mentions were intent-based.
  • The members actively participated in the campaign by sharing their experiences and benefits of the product.
  • Within 30 days, the brand received 3120 UGCs with 1141 distinct posts. The total reactions and comments received exceeded 19K+ from the target of 14K set before the campaign.

The brand received a strong association with ‘Colostrum’, ‘Healthy’, and ‘Immunity’. The members actively engaged, shared their intent to try the product for their puppies, and referred to the brand as rich in colostrum.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

The unique experiences & testimonials of thousands of members brought their own personalities and style to each of their posts

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