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  • Oziva wanted to create buzz and organic chatter around the Oziva kids' gummies launch. They wanted to build awareness and consideration by building brand RTBs at scale.
  • They used an insight-based community marketing approach to create conversations around the usage and health benefits of gummies for kids. The brand achieved this by engaging 74+ Parenting, Women, and health communities with over 1.3 Mn+ members.
  • The brand achieved 5K + UGCs, 19.2K engagements, 4.8K + brand mentions, and strong association with ‘vision support,’ ‘brain development,’ and ‘immunity.’

About Oziva kids gummies

Oziva is one of the prominent brands in the market dealing with health, nutrition, and beauty. With the launch of Oziva kids gummies, the brand is trying to build a healthier, cleaner, and enhanced future for the kids. The gummies are packed with multivitamins and ayurvedic properties to get healthier vision, concentration, enhanced memory, improved learning ability, mental alertness, reasoning and problem-solving abilities, immunity, and better brain function.

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Oziva kids’ objectives

Oziva wanted to create organic chatter around their gummies, educate people about its usage, health benefits, and showcase the variety of options they had. The brand wanted to build its association with healthy and nutritious gummies that can enhance brain development, vision, and immunity.

“The brand wanted to build awareness and consideration by building brand RTBs at scale.”

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

Oziva took an insight-based community marketing solution to build awareness and consideration of their kids' gummies by engaging 74 communities around Parenting, Women, and Health with over 1.3 million members who needed a trusted and easy solution to meet the nutritional needs of their kids.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

To drive the campaign, we analyzed the existing conversations in the above communities and observed that:

  • Mothers are concerned about the balanced diet and nutritional level of their kids.
  • Members actively discuss and seek suggestions for a safe and natural product that is easy to use and has no side effects on their kids.
  • Members were not aware of the gummies that can help build immunity levels and mental development in their kids.

Based on the consumer insights, we planned to create a campaign focusing on educating parents around the health benefits of Ozivia gummies and how it promotes healthy development in the kids overall growth.

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

We strategized a two-phase campaign which focused on creating organic chatter and buzz around the benefits of Oziva kids' gummies.

In the first phase, we aimed to create awareness about Oziva kids gummies, its variants, and benefits. This was an admin-led campaign where admins created buzz by asking members to guess the product and further educated them about the benefits by sharing their personal experiences. The guess the product was run as a contest where members were asked to guess the product that offers health benefits and improves the brain, eyes, and body's immunity of kids. This was done to build buzz and introduce the members to the three different variants of the gummies with individual importance and health benefits. The members actively participated, discussed the gummies, and were curious about their usage, benefits, and application. The admins further encouraged members to try the product and share their experiences.

In the second phase, we aimed to create consideration for Oziva kids' gummies by highlighting use cases and addressing parents concerns. The conversations were initiated by admins and they highlighted various benefits of gummies like better reasoning, focus, memory and cognitive functioning, better immunity, vision, and protection of the eyes against harmful UV rays. These benefits encouraged members to try gummies for their kids and also to ask their concerns. The admins addressed members concerns by sharing honest reviews and experiences.

As members started sharing their personal experiences it led to huge influx of conversations and organic UGCs around the brand. By highlighting USPs such as "better immunity" and "ayurvedic herbal extracts," we strengthened the brand's association with attributes like ‘vision support,’ ‘brain development,’ and ‘immunity.’

Solution Types

Static Posts


ROI of Community Marketing for
Oziva kids gummies 📈

(750% increase from the target set)
Brand Mentions
(increase from 0 before the campaign)
Share of Voice

The Big Beautiful Highlights

  • The brand achieved more than 10K + UGCs out of which 878 were the distinct posts.
  • The brand achieved a Brand share of Voice of 81.1% in first phase and 99.1% in second phase.
  • The immunity product variant(62.4%) was highly considered choice by users out of the three variants.
  • The brand received strong association with immunity and immune followed by brain development(20.3%) and vision support variants(17.3%).
  • The brand received 99.8% positive sentiments and users came forward to share their personal experiences and reviews.
  • Higher numbers of conversations were around the nutritional benefits (63.3%) being offered by Oziva kids gummies, followed by brand association(24.2%), flavor (12.2%), and issues(0.4%).
  • We also achieved a purchase consideration of about 36.3% for the gummies.

The product benefits and nutritional properties of the gummies for the kids dominated the campaign and we were successful in helping brand achieve it objective of building brand awareness and consideration.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Community members actively engaged in conversations, participated in the campaign, and shared their usage experiences, leading to a huge number of brand trials and UGCs.

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