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  • MTR aimed to generate buzz and drive organic chatter at scale for their instant breakfast mixes like rava idli, dosa and uttapam amongst people living in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. They wanted to the brand RTBs, establishing it as one of the top choices for breakfast in the South-Indian food segment.
  • They used an insight-based Community Marketing approach to highlight how quick and easy it is to prepare South Indian food with MTR’s instant breakfast mixes. For the same, they meaningfully engaged with 2.7M members across 44 Women, Parenting & Cooking communities.
  • MTR achieved 9K+ brand mentions, 37.7K + total engagement and 10.1K + UGCs.

About MTR

MTR Foods is a prominent food brand celebrated for its rich heritage and culinary expertise. Originating in India, MTR offers a diverse range of ready-to-eat meals, spices, and mixes that capture the authentic flavors of traditional Indian cuisine. With a legacy spanning decades, MTR Foods is synonymous with quality and convenience, providing a taste of nostalgia and innovation to households worldwide.

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MTR's Objectives

MTR wanted to create awareness and drive consideration for its instant breakfast mixes range amongst people residing in Delhi and Mumbai and for rava idli amongst those based in Bangalore. They aimed to drive word-of-mouth advocacy for the brand, highlighting its key benefits.

“MTR sought to create awareness and drive consideration for its instant breakfast mixes amongst people of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, establishing it as a top choice for South Indian food for breakfast.”

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

To help the brand achieve its objectives, we identified communities where conversations around breakfast, breakfast mix, instant food, South Indian food, idli, dosa, uttapam, etc. were happening. We selected the most relevant 44 Women, Parenting and Cooking communities from these communities with 2.7 M+ members.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

To drive the campaign, we analyzed existing conversations in the selected communities to understand what people are talking about South Indian food. We found that:

  • Preparing South Indian food at home is cumbersome and time-consuming, and achieving the perfect consistency and texture is hard. 
  • South Indian food is considered healthy and nutritious and is highly recommended for breakfast by dieticians today.
  • Ordering South Indian food at home is least preferred as it turns soggy and loses its crispiness until delivered. 

Coming across these insights, MTR aimed to establish relevance with the members and drive consideration by highlighting its key benefits. Hence, we focused on driving word-of-mouth advocacy for MTR, establishing it as the top breakfast choice for South-Indian food. 

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

Aligning the brand objective and consumer insights, we planned a two-phase marketing campaign to create organic chatter around MTR breakfast mixes. Community admins led each of the phases of this advocacy program. 

In the Delhi & Mumbai communities, admins shared how difficult and long-drawn it is to prepare South Indian food at home. However, with MTR breakfast mixes, it’s become convenient to prepare South Indian food any time, and everyone loves it. They further encouraged community members to try it out and share their thoughts. 

In the Bangalore communities, admins highlighted how preparing Rava idlis for breakfast at home is a huge task, considering the shortage of time. However, with MTR’s rava idli mix, one can have amazing rava idlis while preparing them in a fraction of the time. They further encouraged community members to try it out and share their thoughts. 

Solution types

Static Posts

ROI of Community Marketing for MTR 📈

Brand Mentions
(24% increase from the target set)
Brand Mentions
(162% increase from the target set)
Brand Mentions
(43% increase from the target set)

The Big Beautiful Highlights

  • The campaign proved to be a success for the brand, overachieving all the targets.
  • The brand achieved 37.7K + total engagement, an impressive 162% increase from the engagement KPI targets. 
  • MTR attracted 10.1 K+ UGCs, a 43% increase from the target set before the campaign. 
  • Of the 9K+ total brand mentions achieved, 35.5% showcased purchase intent. 
  • MTR achieved a massive 92% positive sentiment in the Bangalore communities and 86% in the Delhi and Mumbai communities. 
  • The brand successfully established its association with attributes like tasty, delicious and healthy. 

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Community members actively engaged in conversations participated in the campaign, and shared their usage experiences, leading to a huge number of brand mentions and UGCs.

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