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  • Charlie Banana wanted to create awareness and consideration for its eco-friendly reusable cloth diapers by building brand RTBs.
  • They used an insight-based community marketing approach to drive conversations around the benefits of cloth diapers by engaging 5 Parenting & Cloth Diaper communities with over 240K members.
  • The brand achieved a 194% jump in cloth diaper category conversations, 3X increase in brand mentions, 90% positive brand reference, and 128 coupon conversions, along with high association with attributes like fit, softness, and dryness.

About Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana’s Cloth Diaper's mission is to create a better world for babies by connecting eco-conscious parents to superior, reusable cloth diapers.

They believe that single-use plastics can have a devastating impact on our environment – and reversing that impact means creating products that are gentle on baby's skin and gentle on the planet.

That's why every Charlie Banana diaper is made with the softest materials, Climate Neutral Certified, and benefits environmental causes through our pledge to donate 1% to the Planet.

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Charlie Banana’s Objectives

Charlie Banana wanted to educate new parents and create awareness of the benefits of cloth diapers for babies and the environment.

“Charlie Banana wanted to create awareness and consideration for its eco-friendly reusable cloth diapers by building brand RTBs.”

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

The brand used an insight-based Community Marketing solution to generate conversations and UGCs around the benefits of using cloth diapers for babies. To achieve this, the brand engaged with 5 Parenting & Cloth Diaper communities with over 240K members.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

To begin the ideation for the campaign, we first analysed the existing conversations around baby diapers in the above communities. We observed:

  • Parents rely on each other’s experience and seek recommendations when they buy diapers for their babies.
  • Many parents with kids using diapers were unsure of the benefits of using cloth diapers.
  • There needed to be more understanding of the type of cloth diapers best suited for kids in different age groups.
  • Members were unaware of Charlie Banana diapers, a barrier to adoption.

Based on the observations, we focused on creating a campaign to understand the barriers to adopting cloth diapers by conducting a survey and further creating awareness of the benefits of cloth diapers while addressing members' concerns.

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

We devised our campaign strategy in four parts which involved: surveys, community campaigns, champions program, and monthly insights to measure impact.

1. Surveys: We hosted two surveys in the communities, each with a different objective.

  • Champion Survey - This was conducted to identify real Charlie Banana evangelists and understand what they like and dislike about the brand.
  • Category Survey - The survey was conducted to understand drivers, barriers and parents' perceptions towards cloth diapers

2. Community Campaigns: The campaign was done in four phases, each with different communication.

In the first phase, we did a light-hearted contest to spark engagement/conversation around cloth diapers, especially for Charlie's banana diapers. Since it was the start of the campaign, we wanted mothers to talk about cloth diapers. This was led by admins sharing their personal experiences and encouraging moms to try.

In the second phase, we hosted a live session intending to educate members about the benefits of cloth diapers while highlighting the superior benefits of Charlie Banana. This was led by a community admin with an expert from Charlie Banana ( R&D head).

The third and fourth phases were occasion-based campaigns. They were executed during the Black Friday sale and before Christmas. The objective was to engage with consumers through an engaging challenge-based format; however, in these phases, we also created awareness for the discounts available on the website and shared coupons for the same.

3. Champions Program: This campaign was executed to enable and onboard Loyal brand evangelists - ‘brand champions’ to join campaign communities, educate about cloth diapers, and share their experiences with Charlie Banana to activate organic conversations for the brand. This campaign led to many organic discussions around the benefits of Charlie Banana diapers.

4. Month-on-month Insights to measure impact: We also created monthly impact reports to understand the Cloth Diaper category drivers, barriers, and brand preference and measure month-on-month impact.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images


Expert Live Sessions

RoI of Community Marketing
for Charlie Banana 📈

Increase in brand mentions
Increase in brand share of voice from 5.3%
Coupon conversions

The Big Beautiful Highlights

  • The campaign succeeded in increasing cloth diaper category conversations from 54.5K to 105K after the campaign completion which is a 194% increase in 3 months.
  • The brand mentions received a huge jump of 3X and the brand SOV increased from 5.3% to 9.2%.
  • The brand received 90% positive sentiments while receiving huge engagement on the posts.
  • The campaign was also able to generate 128 coupon conversions.
  • The brand received a strong association with attributes like Fit, Softness, and Dryness - which are the most important consideration factors for buyers.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Member participated in the challenge. Diaper champions started conversations activating other members to share their experiences.

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