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  • Pediasure wanted to conduct sampling and generate leads while creating awareness and advocacy for its NEW Pediasure.
  • The brand took an insight-based community marketing approach to capture the attention of mothers and drive conversations around the benefits of consuming Pediasure for children's growth. They engaged with 85 parenting communities with over 3.7 million members.
  • The brand achieved 40K+ leads, 160K category conversations, 32K UGCs, 91% positive sentiment, and a strong association with ‘helps in overall development, ‘immunity’, and ‘visible growth’.

About Pediasure

PediaSure is the No.1 prescribed brand, which helps support immunity and gives visible growth in 90 days. PediaSure launched a new product in mid-2021 with growth nutrients Arginine and Vitamin K2. Arginine is found in protein-rich foods, and its consumption has increased growth rate in children.

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Pediasure’s Objectives

Pediasure envisioned creating awareness and buzz of their NEW Pediasure ingredients and strengthening loyalty amongst its existing and potential users. It also wanted parents to track and monitor their child’s growth using the Grow Right Tracker on its website.

“Pediasure wanted to conduct sampling and generate leads while creating awareness and advocacy for its NEW Pediasure.”

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

Pediasure approached community marketing solutions to connect with parents and drive conversations on the benefits of the ingredients of NEW Pediasure for kids' growth. They engaged 85 parent communities with 3.7 million+ members.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

Before driving the campaign, we analysed existing conversations in communities to understand the discussion, pain points, and ideas members had regarding children's nutrition. We observed that:

  • Milk supplements have gained maximum share of voice within Products related conversations (25% salience)
  • Pediasure being the category leader, lagged on Immunity & Energy attributes due to previous focus on growth (height and weight >90%; 33% SOV for bone health)

Based on the existing conversations we observed, we aimed at driving the right conversations around the need for disinfection while subtly building in use case testimonials for Urban Company’s Home Disinfection services.

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

The campaign aimed to create conversations around how growth and nutrition play a crucial role in toddlers' development from 2-6 years. We ensured to communicate the brand’s USPs and benefits of new ingredients to tackle the most discussed concerns, such as bone growth, strength and immunity, via in-use photos of their child with the brand’s pack-shot and accompanied by the brand hashtags.

The campaign strategy was divided into three main segments:

Pre-Launch: In this phase, we wanted to drive urgency among the members using relevant facts and claims around growth (60% bone growth in the early growth years of the child). We ran a poll and introduced two unbranded phases to create awareness around the facts and claims among the members.

Launch: In this phase, we introduced two branded stages where we highlighted the role of nutrition in the overall growth of toddlers, created the identity of a new pack among members, and increased awareness of two essential ingredients, Arginine and K2. The campaigns focused on introducing the New Pediasure and its attributes to raise awareness and consideration for the product. The admins also highlighted how they are using Grow Right Tracker to monitor their child’s growth and progress and encouraged members to take a 90 days challenge with New Pediasure and track the development of their kids.

Post Launch: This phase addressed parents' concerns and adoption barriers and helped them understand relevant facts and claims. This involved two branded posts in which admins highlighted the critical benefits of New Pediasure (30% less sucrose in vanilla flavour) and encouraged members to share their experiences and thoughts.

These phases were followed with UGCs, where members participated in 90 days challenge and shared their experiences with visible developments in the child.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images



RoI of Community Marketing
for Pediasure 📈

increase in brand share of voice from 56%
increase in conversation salience for Arginine and Vitamin K2 grow from 0%
leads generated for Grow Right Tracker Tool (Target of 37500)

The Big Beautiful Highlights

  • The campaign succeeded in increasing toddler nutrition category conversations from 118K to 160K after the campaign completion (135% increase in 7 months).
  • The pre-launch phase got 7.4K brand mentions v/s 9.7K mentions in the launch phase v/s 11.6K mentions post-launch.
  • User Generated Posts poured in, and we received around 32K entries, out of which 28% were distinct posts made by the members of these groups.
  • The conversation around Arginine and Vitamin K2 was NIL before the campaign started, which grew to about 25% in the toddler nutrition segment, indicating that parents now knew what these two ingredients do and help a child’s bone growth and strength.
  • Positive sentiment for the brand rose with every phase and intervention; initially, the sentiment was around 80%, which grew to about 91% after the campaign.
  • Pediasure’s key associations and attributes were ‘helps in overall development, ‘immunity’, and ‘visible growth’, meaning the consumers consumed the communication well.
  • We also generated ~3700 leads that signed up for Pediasure’s free nutritional counselling session.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Members shared their reasons to choose Pediasure for their toddler along with positive feedback around the tracker.

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