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  • Veet wanted to create a category and expand its market for its hair depletion solutions.
  • The brand took an insight-based community marketing approach to drive conversations around the easy and painless ways to get rid of unwanted hair by engaging with 107 Communities around Parenting, Beauty, Women & lifestyle with over 6 million Members.
  • The brand achieved 7K+ brand mentions, 3K UGCs, and 73.9% positive sentiment.

About Veet

Veet is World’s No. 1 depilatory brand that’s all about ‘removing hair your way’. Veet believes that we are all different and the way we look after our bodies should always be our personal choice. Veet makes it easy to stay in control with superior hair-removal solutions to suit different skin types, styles and moods.

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Veet’s Objectives

The brand wanted to highlight the benefits of using Veet Hair removal cream for a safe yet great experience and associate their brand with a narrative of a “quick solution” to eliminate unwanted body hair. They wanted to achieve this by highlighting their USPs of dermatologically tested and enriched with soothing ingredients for long-lasting ‘smooth skin’.

“Veet wanted to create a category and expand its market for its hair depletion solutions.”

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

The brand used community marketing solutions to connect with a younger audience to aggressively drive and own the conversations around teenage depilation. They engaged with the most relevant 107 communities around Parenting, Beauty, Women & lifestyle, with over 6 million members with a huge affinity for hair depilation.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

Before driving the campaign, we analysed existing conversations in communities to understand the discussion, pain points, and ideas members had regarding hair removal and observed the following:

  • Conversations on hair removal solutions for daughters were growing
  • Members were discussing the easiest and painless hair removal ways for underarm
  • They discussed hair removal solutions for sensitive skin

Based on the above observations, we focused on creating conversations around the benefits of Veet Hair removal cream for first-time depilation and then showcasing the efficacy of Veet hair removal cream with usage-based testimonials/reviews.

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

We strategised the campaign into 2 phases. In the first phase, we focused on addressing the myths around hair removal creams and highlighting their usage, especially for sensitive areas like underarms. We achieved this by hosting an expert live session with leading beauty bloggers and dermatologists for the community members. The members actively participated, asked about their concerns, and shared their positive experiences.

In the second phase, we focused on highlighting the benefits of Veet Hair removal cream for a safe and great experience. We prompted members to share their experiences, thoughts/ concerns, and recommendations for teenage depilation. The community admins led this campaign by sharing their personal experiences with photographs and encouraging members to participate via User Generated Content (UGCs).

With every phase, we strengthened the association of benefits with the brand, while continuously educating members on the benefits of using Veet Hair removal creams over other hair removal methods to further build trust around the brand.

While the theme of the content was consistent across all the communities, the testimonials of members brought their own unique experiences of how their daughters / younger sisters started their journey of hair depilation with Veet.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images

Videos of usage


Expert Live Sessions

RoI of Community Marketing
for Veet 📈

Brand mentions
(increase from 2899)
Brand positive sentiment
(increase from 53.5%)
User generated posts

The Big Beautiful Highlights

  • The campaign increased hair depilation category conversations from 19.7K to 42.7K, an increase of almost 2X.
  • The brand received 2259 brand mentions. The campaign also successfully established strong bottom-funnel decision-making, thus impacting POME for the brand.
  • The brand received 74% positive sentiment, while it had only 53% positive sentiment before the campaign.
  • We backed up our findings with an impact survey in these communities measuring the campaign's impact through a pre and post-survey, and the results from 1300+ respondents were superb.
  • We established that usage of Hair removal cream among members below 20 years of age increased from 21% (pre-survey) to 55% (post-survey). The usage conversations (amongst at-home depilation respondents) increased from 66% to 75%, and preference for Veet Hair removal cream for underarm depilation increased from 50% to 82.5%.
  • Veet effectively became the most preferred Hair removal brand in these communities.
  • The campaign helped to establish the case for meaningful word-of-mouth campaigns driving penetration (POME) for the brand, thus owning the narrative on teenage depilation.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Members shared their positive results of using Veet creams for their teenage daughters while highlighting key benefits of the cream.

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