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  • Asian Paints aimed to build awareness and consideration for their Royale Glitz wall paint colours on the occasion of Navratri.
  • The brand approached its goal through an insight-based community marketing approach to drive conversations and positive sentiments around having colourful walls with Asian Paints. It reached 2.2 million members across 77 women, parenting, and lifestyle communities.
  • The brand received 11,645 UGCs, 57K+ reactions, 78% positive sentiment, and a strong association with shade and colours.

About Asian Paints Royale Glitz

Asian Paints Royale Glitz Luxury Emulsion is an Ultra Sheen interior paint which provides a rich, luxurious finish to the walls. It also offers unmatched stain repellency to keep the walls beautiful. It provides Luxury with Teflon: Combining the best of decor and performance worlds.

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Asian Paints Objectives

Asian Paints Royal Glitz announced an exciting contest on the occasion of Navratri. With Facebook Communities being the largest conversation forum in India (& the world), the brand partnered with Convosight to reach key decision-makers like women, parents, and decor enthusiasts through these communities to drive meaningful conversations and amplify the contest.

“The brand aimed for occasion-based marketing to create awareness and build consideration for their Royale Glitz colour pallete on the occasion of Navratri celebrations.”

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

Asian Paints took an insight-based Community Marketing solution to drive conversations and positive sentiments around celebrating different colours of Navratri with Royale Glitz Palette. They did this by engaging with 77 women, parenting, and lifestyle communities with over 2.2 million members.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

Before driving the campaign, we analyzed existing conversations in the above communities and observed that:

  • Members were looking out for home painting suggestions/ recommendations in communities.
  • They were looking for suggestions and methods to clean the walls and remove the stains easily without damaging the wall paint.

The key insights from the conversations helped us build a campaign strategy that leveraged those conversations in favour of Asia Paint’s Royal Glitz colour palette with Navratri festive communication while introducing the benefits of the brand across communities.

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

We introduced a single-phase campaign focusing on driving engagement around the #PlayNavratri contest and encouraging members to participate by sharing their positive experiences with the brand.

As nine days of Navratri signifies different colours, the campaign focused on creating conversations on celebrating the festival with different colours with Asian Paints Royal Glitz. In this contest, the members had to choose their favourite colour from the Asian Paints Royal Glitz colour palette and share a similar colour home decor/wall paint within the communities. The members were also encouraged to share their experiences using Asian Paints colours.

The members actively shared their favourite home decor objects, walls, and corners which they had decorated with their favourite colours. The campaign also focused on creating and highlighting positive conversations and sentiments for the brand. Members shared why they love a particular colour and what it signifies. The brand selected the best entries, and the winners received an INR 5k gift voucher.

Members participating in the contest with images of their favourite home decor led to an influx of conversations and reactions while creating a strong association with colours, shades, and contest hashtags. The members' pictures via User Generated Content (UGCs) added to the excitement by weaving in content themes around the most relatable aspects.

While the content theme was consistent across all the communities, the unique experiences & pictures of thousands of members brought their personalities and style to each post.

Solution Types

Static Posts

Carousel Images


RoI of Community Marketing
for Asian Paints 📈

User Generated Posts
(Overachieved the target by 67%)
Positive Sentiment
Reactions and Comments
(an increase of 34% from the target set)

The Big Beautiful Highlights

  • Within 20 days, the brand received 11,645 UGCs and overachieved its target of 6144 UGCs.
  • 6972 new posts were done for the brand, thus overachieving the target by 85%. The members also actively engaged with the posts, and the campaign received 57K + reactions and comments.
  • The campaign received 78% positive sentiments and engagement from members, with brand mentions stating how Asian Paints is one of their favourite home decor brands.
  • The brand received a strong association with Campaign#, Shade, Color, and Colours.

With highly positive conversations and the campaign over achieving its targets, we successfully concluded the first intervention for the brand while ensuring that the brand communication was received well in the communities.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

The unique experiences & testimonials of thousands of members brought their own personalities and style to each of their posts.

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