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  • Aashirvaad wanted to expand its market in rice-dominated markets of South India.
  • They used an insight-based Community Marketing solution to drive conversations around wheat as a better lifestyle/dietary choice by engaging 2.7 Mn+ women and home chefs in over 53 south Indian communities.
  • They were able to increase Atta Conversations by 2X, get 2500 brand mentions and drive 1930+ UGCs along with driving a high degree of brand association within the Atta Category.

About Aashirvaad Atta

Aashirvaad is India’s No.1 Atta brand that believes in giving its consumers the best. The brand uses a network of Choupals to source the finest grains and spices to produce the best ingredients to use in the kitchen. The brand has a legacy of innovative products like Nature’s Super Foods, specifically made from grains such as jowar and ragi and comes with numerous health benefits.

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Aashirvaad’s Objectives

Aashirvaad atta had no association with rice-dominated south Indian markets. With mothers and women being the key decision makers only 27% of women in south Indian markets considered wheat as a staple.

“The brand wanted to shift the category from its current brand agnostic stage to higher association and create a new market for itself.”

Community Marketing Strategy

1. Identifying the best communities for Community Marketing

Aashirvaad atta took an insight-based Community Marketing solution to generate conversations and UGCs around wheat as a better lifestyle/dietary choice by engaging 2.7 Mn+ women in over 53 south Indian communities of home chefs and women.

Campaign Structure


2. Analysing consumer insights from real conversations

To drive the campaign, we analysed the existing conversations in the above communities and saw that:

  • Wheat conversations grew by over 170% in south Indian communities (the fastest in any cereal type)
  • Wheat was the most discussed cereal in health benefits, focusing on heart & gut health
  • A rise in wheat-based recipes with members seeking & sharing recommendations

With the rise in conversations on wheat-based recipes and health benefits, we focused on creating conversations around the benefits of whole grain atta with mineral fortifications.

3. Community Marketing campaign idea

The campaigns were planned in two phases and we aimed to generate greater interest in members of South Indian communities via wheat-based recipe contests. To encourage participation and engagement, the winners of the contest were given gift vouchers from the brand. The brand association for each phase was strengthened via pack shots of Aashirvaad atta with every recipe to build recall amongst the community members.

In the first phase, the focus was to encourage members to try wheat-based festive recipes for Diwali and increase usage of wheat and create brand awareness. The campaign was kickstarted by the admins sharing their personal favourite recipes and also educating members on the benefits of having wheat. The admins tagged other home chefs and encouraged them to share their recipes.

In the second phase, the members were encouraged to try wheat-based festive (western and traditional) recipes for Christmas and the focus was to increase brand advocacy. Both the phases received active participation and members shared recipes for both sweet and salty dishes like Paayasam, pancakes, dosa, cakes, ladoos, wheat pooris, snacks, breads, and various other dishes. In both phases, members used #AashirvaadTryMyRecipes, creating further excitement around participation.

As members participated in the contest with images of their recipes flanked by the Aashirvaad atta pack, it led to an influx of conversations and questions about wheat-based recipes, and even further about the benefits of choosing the right brand.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images


RoI of Community Marketing
for Aashirvaad atta 📈

Brand mentions during campaign period
Increase in atta related conversations
User generated posts

The Big Beautiful Highlights

  • The campaign succeeded in establishing a strong brand association within atta category with 100% Brand salience of Aashirvaad atta
  • Out of 2534 brand mentions on the brand, over 75% were linked with recipes, ranging from payasam, pancakes, cakes & other desserts to dosas, pooris, snacks, bread etc. which served to effectively establish variety.
  • 31% of the brand mentions were associated with high Impact words like ‘trust’ & ‘quality’, while 26% spoke about the health benefits of wheat.
  • Further, despite the campaign focusing on the specific variant of Aashirvaad MP atta, it led to 18% posts around other variants of the brand, driving the brand range & depth even further in the minds of the members/consumers.

Across both phases, we strengthened the association of taste and variety with the brand, while continuously educating members about the health benefits of a wheat-based diet via highlighting the key points in admin posts and actively answering member queries.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Contest based campaign helped in generating organic brand mentions while sharing recipes with pack shots.

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