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As one of the most chosen brands by girls, Sunsilk has been the number 1 hair care brand in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Sunsilk consumers are females between 18-35 years of age.

As these women start exploring the world 🌎, they are faced with many challenges and Sunsilk wants to provide them with the power to follow their dreams and passions and thrive in every situation.

Sunsilk wants to inspire generations of girls to be ambitious and stretch their horizons.

Sunsilk’s Objectives

Sunsilk wanted to build a purpose-led Facebook community in which women 👩 aged 18-35 feel inspired, safe, and be able to easily connect around a sisterhood where they are equipped with the support they need to live the life of their dreams, making the world more accessible and full of possibility.

They believe that by being together, a lot of possibilities open up and progress can be made.

Our Approach

To provide these girls a safe place where they will feel inspired and can connect with others, we started a public Facebook group with the target demographic being women between 18-35 of age.

The plan is to encourage these girls to believe in themselves and explore new possibilities by providing them the confidence to look and feel great through content and expert-led sessions in the community.

Target Demographic

Women between
18-35 age
Women between

Our Strategy

Build a public highly engaged community with a 12-month goal for Sunsilk, which focuses on the acquisition of the correct demographics, member growth, relevant conversation topics, social impact, empowering culture, feedback surveys, and sampling.

The content is created keeping in mind the brand vision and purpose and also prompting members to share their real-life stories, experiences and build trust and bonds amongst the members of the community.

Solution types

Static Posts






Results 📈

1.4 Million
impressions (organic reach) in 12 months
Member engagement
Members in the Community

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

Within a relatively short period of less than 3 months, community members showed a strong endorsement towards the brand and they believed that Sunsilk is making a positive difference in the society.

In a survey conducted by third party, the data showed that a vast majority (83%) is likely to promote the platform, driven by the strong engagement and love for the community.

The women within the group feel comfortable opening up about their dreams and passions, which in turn inspires them to aspire to bigger goals and they strongly believe that SUNSILK is helping inspire women to explore more opportunities.

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Members being brand advocates and giving creative, organic & genuine reviews about Sunsilk community.

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