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Godrej, one of the oldest Indian consumer goods brands, thrives on its purpose of bringing the goodness of health and beauty to its consumers.

To help people live fearlessly in the pandemic-induced new normal, in 2020, Godrej Protekt, India's trusted hygiene brand from Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), introduced a personal and home hygiene range.

It comprises twelve different products, including the Godrej Protekt Air & Disinfectant spray that offers 99.9% protection against germs, bacteria and viruses.

Godrej Protekt believed communities are the powerhouse of meaningful conversations that could help them disseminate the most relevant information to their consumers and drive organic WOM and trusted advocacy for their new product range.

Given the purpose and need for the products, we were only led by the motivation to design a powerful campaign for Godrej Protekt that would help community members choose right for their families and homes in the pandemic and beyond.

Godrej Protekt's Objectives

As a purpose-driven brand, Godrej claims to always be there for families and protect them just like family members care for each other.

Therefore, they decided to reach out to moms, parents, and women across relevant communities as they are the primary caretakers for hygiene and safety and influencers of home disinfection in Indian households.

Godrej's prime objective was to emphasize the need to maintain air hygiene and surface hygiene in homes. At the same time, they wanted to drive the key benefits of using Godrej's air & surface disinfectant spray for the same and establish Godrej Protekt as the no. 1 choice in the hygiene category.

The brand also wanted to increase its visibility through organic UGCs and topical UGC campaigns around the theme of 'germ protection'.

Our Approach

We started by analyzing thousands of conversations happening in communities around hygiene, safety, and cleanliness and observed:
a. Members were concerned about the possibility of a third covid wave
b. Members shared the precautions they were taking in homes ahead of time to limit surface contamination from airborne particles or from touching surfaces with contaminated hands

Thereafter, we aimed to drive conversations around the various ways members can keep their homes and surroundings clean and germ-free. At the same time, we appreciated the warriors in the family who always think about the safety of family members and ensure that the home is hygienic and clean.

We selected 127 Parenting and Women Communities with 2 MN+ members to drive this. The chosen communities had the most relevant home hygiene conversations and covered metro cities only.

Campaign Structure


Our Strategy

We curated a two-phased campaign for the brand. In the first phase, admins initiated conversations on how they maintain air hygiene with surface hygiene with an introduction to Godrej Protekt products and their benefits. At the same time, they encouraged members to share how they maintained home hygiene. This motivated community members to try the Godrej Protekt products and share their experiences.

In the second phase, admins shared various use cases in which they used Godrej Protekt Air and Surface Disinfectant Spray. They encouraged the members to not overlook any germ cohorts nearby them and to ensure if they are maintaining good hygiene. For this, they used the hashtag #GermsKaKhatma and encouraged members to use Godrej products for their safety and hygiene.

The content was created keeping in mind the brand vision and purpose, prompting members to share real-life stories and experiences that helped build trust amongst the community members.

Solution types

Static Posts

Results 📈

Increase from 4
brand mentions
Increase from 12415
category conversations
Increase from 2.2%
organic brand share of voice

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

  • The overall intent based conversations for Godrej Protekt increased from 81.5% to 96% in just six weeks. While many people who tried it for the first time became actual users, new comments and interest came in for trial intent.
  • Brand Share of Voice increased disproportionately during the campaign, aided by UGCs, and settled at 31% post Phase 2, up from 2.2% before the campaign.
  • Germ Protection & Fragrance were established as brand propositions
  • There were 96387 category conversations across communities, increasing from 12415 before the campaign.

While we ended the Godrej campaign with a 31% SOV, the brand recognized the potential of community marketing and extended it to their other product legs to create sustained impact across communities.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

The unique experiences & testimonials of thousands of members brought their own personalities and style to each of their posts.

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