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Sirona positions the brand as a one-stop solution for all kinds of feminine hygiene, sanitary, menstrual and intimate products.. Their objective is to reach every woman 👩 in India and help them lead healthier, more confident lives through better education on their body, menstruation, and affordability of alternatives.

Sirona has a strong vision, ‘to break the stigma around feminine hygiene’ with their innovative products that solve unaddressed problems related to growing up and menstruation while sharing information that empowers women to make the best decision regarding their health.

Sirona wanted to take the route of community marketing with Convosight to generate awareness and educate women about benefits of menstrual cups and overall period pain management. The brand wanted to build the category of modern menstruation and drive consideration for menstrual cups.

Based on our recommendation, they onboarded admins who are experienced users of menstrual cups and relied on their recommendation & advocacy to convert non-users to ‘SironaCupvert’.

Sirona’s Objectives

Sirona wanted to establish the menstrual cup as the best solution for menstruation and focus on overall period pain management by raising awareness and education.

Sirona understood the importance of reaching out to women-led 👩 communities where regular discussions about menstrual hygiene help women to make better decisions about their menstrual health.

Our Approach

We analyzed 🔍 the Menstruation Hygiene Category conversations and understood women rely on each other’s experience and seek recommendation when they decide to switch 🔀 to menstrual cups from sanitary pads. They also discuss about better period hygiene and pain management issues.

Most importantly, we noticed the volume of conversations around women having different issues with sanitary pads after prolonged usage, like rashes, chafing, itching, leakage, staining etc. They are looking for better options and some of them have already bought menstrual cups but due to lack of awareness they weren’t able to use it in the right manner.

Through our 3 different solutions Q&A in Phase 1, Webinar & Live quiz in Phase 2 and Live session & Contest in Phase 3, we focused on awareness building and educating women about the benefits of menstrual cup, right usage and care techniques. We positioned Sirona as the go-to brand for every kind of menstrual hygiene issue.

We plugged in relevant products like toilet hygiene spray, intimate wash, anti-chafing cream and others in the overall feminine hygiene conversations addressing different problems that these products were solving.

To achieve this, we selected the most relevant 13 women-led Communities around lifestyle and parenting with over 1.1M Members that had a greater volume of menstrual hygiene and conversations and menstrual cups mentions.

Campaign Structure


Our Strategy

In Phase 1, we focused on intense awareness building and education through Q&A posts in each group which addressed different questions regarding the significance of switching to menstrual cups and busting myths around cup usage. The admins answered each question in consultation with the Gynecologist and we had created a thorough FAQ document for the same.

In Phase 2, a Zoom webinar session was held with the Gynecologist where she gave a live demo and answered each query. The admins attended the webinar along with some members which was followed up by an awareness driven live quiz in the each group.

Phase 3 was all about admin’s testimonials and reviews ⭐ about the Sirona products other than menstrual cups, which help them in maintaining their feminine hygiene on a daily basis. Each admin picked up a product which they have used or they want to use since they solved their key problems.

They shared thorough reviews highlighting the main USPs and urging other members to share their experience.

Over the three phases, experienced member users shared their positive experiences with Sirona menstrual cup, spoke about how becoming a ‘Cupvert’ changed their lives for better while non-users & fence sitters came up with various queries and observations which admins addressed individually.

Solution types

Expert Q&A

Live Quiz


Review Posts

Results 📈

Brand share of voice increased from 64% before
increase in menstrual hygiene category conversations
User generated posts

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

The campaign succeeded 🎉 in increasing the menstrual hygiene category conversations from 14.8K to 119K within an increase of 8X.

Women were able to come together and ask and get answers to their questions on right usage, fitment for menstrual cups which helped drive adoption.

The pre-campaign negligible mentions of 22 jumped to 5,504 which is a spike of 250X while the Brand SOV remained constant between 98-99% throughout all three phases.

UGCs poured in with a total of 4,793 which is 1916% over the 250 UGC target initially taken.

By the end of the campaign, usage conversations were at 46% while query conversations 💬 were 14% and overall purchase conversations were 7.6%.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Admins/Moderators went live with this topic and discussed the benefits of menstrual cups. Women shared their positive feedback post after the webinar.

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