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McCain Foods Ltd. is a frozen food company which captured more than 80% of the market share in the category and introduced frozen foods category in India.

It offers a huge range of products ranging from their bestsellers like French Fries, Smiles to Local delights like Aloo Tikki, Veggie Nuggets and Cheese range like Potato Cheese Shots, Chilli Cheesy Nuggets amongst others.

McCain’s core proposition is ready in 3-mins, variety - restaurant like taste at home, value for money.

McCain wanted to make Moms their brand ambassadors as they were not only the key decision makers of what the family ate but were also the ones who spent most of their time in the kitchen prepping for different snacks for family everyday.

McCain Foods’ Objectives

McCain in spite of being the market leader in the frozen food category saw a bigger opportunity in the snacking category. McCain was being mostly considered for birthday or occasional consumption. In terms of product association, French Fries and Smiles were the two hero products that was being associated with McCain.

They wanted consumers to consider McCain as everyday snacking option and also build awareness about their range of products.

McCain wanted to capture the attention of every household in the country by making mothers their champions and they realised that peer opinions influence purchase decisions for them, and also their decision is the key factor that drives purchase in households.

The key objective of the campaign was to connect with women who focused on preparing tasty means for their family especially kids by building strong brand associations around key benefits such as restaurant like taste, variety and options and ready in mins which were key considerations for them.

Our Approach

By analysing conversations in parenting, foods & recipes category, we were able to determine that "taste" "variety" "time to prep" and "ingredient" were key factors driving consideration amongst consumers.

With consumers looking for ‘different snacking options’ we created moments when McCain is consumed and also new occasions when McCain consumption could be added with a recipe twist.

The campaign was aimed at creating conversations around different issues faced by mothers when it comes to snacking and also the time and effort that goes behind it, and then highlight how McCain is the perfect answer to all these factors as it offers “variety” which is “ready in mins” and has “restaurant like taste” and build strong association and consideration through image based recipe led and moment based conversation.

To achieve this, we selected the most relevant 68 communities around parents with over 2.2 million.
Admins posted recipe based post using McCain and also shared their reason for loving the brand. Each phase focused on a different consumption moment like Monsoon, IPL snacking, snacking with a recipe twist to increase share of wallet, festive etc. which led to real brand users to start engaging with the campaign.

Campaign Structure


Our Strategy

The first leg of the campaign ran for 4 phases, each running for a month.

The first phase was executed by getting Group Admins to share their snacking habits around Monsoon when general snacking habits are organically heightened, and then leading to how McCain has solved the worries by saving them time and given them a chance to enjoy as well without having to compromise on taste.

This helped vocalise the positive experiences of many brand users, as they participated in the campaign by sharing their reasons of preference in the form of User Generated Content (UGCs) for the brand. As these conversations led to a huge uplift in organic brand mentions around McCain, thus leading to increased interest and conversations for the subsequent phases.

With every phase, we strengthened the association of McCain by highlighting moments like Monsoon, IPL, Festive but also had an intervention with recipes with McCain which led to increased moments of consumption.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images

Results 📈

Increase in brand mentions
User generated posts

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

Over 43k UGCs and 162K engagement 📈
The campaign has been successful 🎉 in generating over 30k McCain mentions from 10 during pre-campaign period - a 3000x increase. The campaign has successfully gathered over 43k meaningful UGCs for the brand.

Increased product association
Establishing stronger association with products like Chilli Garlic Bites, Potato Cheese Shots and Aloo Tikki through consistent targeted communication in addition to the popular French Fries and Smiles.

Increased consumption occasions
Established increased consumption moment for the brand other than normal snacking leading to increased opportunity for range trial and increased Share of wallet.

Stronger association
Compared to the pre-campaign period where the brand was mostly associated with attributes of taste, the campaign has been successful in building a stronger association with snacking, easy to make, variety for the brand.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

The campaign has been successful in building awareness towards the product range and multiple eating occasion for McCain through conversation driven by real user to organically shared their love for McCain as an impact of the campaign.

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