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B-Natural is an Indian fruit juice brand that truly lives up to its name offering tasty and nutritious fruit beverages.

B Natural fruit beverages are full of fruit and fiber. The process of developing B Natural fruit beverages does not involve the additional step of concentration, which involves heating of juice/pulp to remove water content, which may lead to loss of antioxidant efficacy. B Natural is made with fruits sourced from local Indian farmers, helping in preventing wastage of agricultural produce.

Its entire range is made from 100% Indian Fruit Pulp, for the Indian Consumers by the Indian Farmers, and has 0% Preservatives or Concentrates.

B Natural's Objective

Whether you need a beverage to compliment your breakfast or just a quick drink to make you feel energized, fruit juices are always the healthiest and most nutritious drink to have. From kids to adults, everyone loves having juices, but in today’s busy world, we usually do not have time to prepare juices ourselves. This is when having natural juices with 0% preservatives is all we need.

With Facebook Communities being the largest conversation forum in India (& the world), B Natural explored partnering with Convosight to reach out to communities and drive meaningful conversations and trials of the product while showcasing the benefits of fruit fibers.

Our Approach

To begin the ideation of the campaign, we first analyzed the relevant communities and category conversations to find out the relevant discussion, pain points, and ideas that members may have been having. Accordingly, to achieve the brand objectives, we selected the most relevant 63 communities around women and parenting with over 1.5 million members.

Campaign Structure


Our Strategy

We planned a campaign focusing on educating members that fruits are an important source of fiber requirement and why there is a need for fiber-rich juices, especially in summers. The campaign also focused on educating parents on why fiber requirement is really important for the kids.
The campaign was kickstarted with admins sharing their experiences of having B natural fruit juice and what makes these juices a perfect summer partner for them and their kids. They share the benefits of fiber these juices have for their kids and how they keep the tummies of kids cool in summer. The admins also shared images of their kids having B-Natural juices and encourage the members to check the various flavors and range of products that B Natural has. They also initiate conversations by asking them to share the reasons why they would like to try it for themselves and their kids.

As members participated in the conversation with images 📷 of their kids having B Natural juices, it led to an influx of conversations and questions about natural fruit juices and the benefits of having fiber-rich fruits, especially for the kids.

With this campaign, we strengthened the association of fiber and being healthy with the brand, while continuously educating members about the health benefits of fiber-rich fruits and juices via highlighting the key points in admin posts and actively answering member queries.

Solution types

Static Posts

Results 📈

Brand SOV (an increase from 5.9% before the campaign)
Brand Mentions (an increase from 10 before the campaign)
UGCs (2594 distinct posts) (an increase from 3,906 the target set before the campaign)

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

  • In a span of just 30 days, the brand received 66, 870 category conversations which was an increase from 4305 category conversations before the campaign. The sub-category conversations also increased from 0 to 25,642 conversations.
  • The brand received 96.4% of positive conversations about B. Natural fruit juices are healthy, are good for kids, are liked by kids, have fiber benefits with a strong association of the brand with ‘fiber’ and being ‘healthy;
  • The campaign received 45,604 reactions and comments which was an increase from 7,956 targets set before the campaign.
  • The brand's Share of Voice increased from 5.9% to 59.1% after the first phase of intervention.

The first intervention ended with 4.9K brand mentions out of which 64.8% were intent-based and 55.7% of intent-based conversations were around the intent to try B Natural.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

The unique experiences & testimonials of thousands of members brought their own personalities and style to each of their posts.

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