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Urban Company is Asia’s largest online home services platform. Launched in 2014, Urban Company today operates in India, Australia, Singapore, UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The platform helps consumers book reliable and efficient services in the space of: beauty treatments, home cleaning, home disinfection, repairs, painting, pest control and more - delivered by trained professionals conveniently at home. When the pandemic hit, Urban Company started the Home 🏠 Disinfection services to provide people the comfort of safeguarding their homes against the deadly virus.

Urban Company believed communities were the power houses that could help them disseminate the right information and drive organic WOM and trusted advocacy via community members.

Given the purpose and need for the service, we were only led by motivation to design a powerful campaign for Urban Company’s Disinfection services that would help community members choose right for their homes, in the pandemic and beyond.

Urban Company’s Objectives

Urban Company approached us in the month of Jan 2022 when COVID cases 😷 were on a rise again in certain markets due to the new variant. The brand wanted to do a 3 week intervention when the need for home disinfection was expected to be on a high following a decline as the trends predicted.

The brand wanted to reach out to women across communities, since they were the primary influencers when it came to home disinfection.

While the prime objective was to drive the key USPs of UC’s home disinfection vs. any other service provider in the market, the brand was extremely cautious of the fact that the entire campaign tonality was to be maintained as positive and supportive rather than causing any fear.

The prime markets for this campaign were Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai which were seeing a steep rise in cases.

With key points like Usage of Certified hospital grade disinfectants, covering high touch points and every corner of the house; the brand wanted moms and women across communities to learn about UC’s disinfection service to be equipped to making the right decision when they saw the need.

Our Approach

We started off by analyzing the conversations and the need for disinfection, given the virus was beginning to slow down in its severity.

Without creating fear, we aimed at driving the right conversations around the need for disinfection, while subtly building in use case testimonials for Urban Company’s Home Disinfection services.

To achieve this, we selected the most relevant 51 Communities with over 2.4M women members largely belonging to parenting and lifestyle cohorts.

The community program recommended for the Disinfection campaign was designed keeping in mind that we wanted to drive consideration without causing fear in the minds of the community members. The idea was to make the service proactive rather than reactive.

Campaign Structure


Our Strategy

We established the need for disinfecting homes 🏠 via everyday consumers talking about things they do keep their home clean and disinfected during the pandemic.

We seeded in thought starters in the minds of the community members to ponder if they were doing enough to keep their families safe during the pandemic.

We also had one set of admins who took the service and advocated Urban Company’s Home Disinfection service by providing use case testimonials with strong images of actually taking the service.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images

Videos of usage

Results 📈

Brand mentions during campaign period
App installs
User generated posts

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

In spite of the niche category and reducing conversations in the space of disinfection, the campaign succeeded in creating highly relevant and engaging category conversations from 10k to 16K 📈 in a span of just 3 weeks.

Being a campaign of great time sensitivity we worked with community admins to deliver results not just within the time frame but also in the context of relevance.

Keeping the campaign tonality in mind, “safe” was seen as the most positive attribute that got associated with Urban Company’s Home Disinfection service. Of the 6K+ brand mentions, 9% were directly linked to trial intent. Safe and Disinfect were the key benefits that the brand got associated with in this community marketing phase.

While we ended the #DisinfectedHomeSafeHome campaign with an 84% SOV, the brand recognized the potential of community marketing, and extended it to their other service legs to create sustained impact across communities.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Admins showcased Urban Company’s Home Disinfection service by providing use case testimonials with strong images of actually taking the service.

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