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Dell Aarambh is a pan-India PC for Education initiative engineered to enhance learning using the power of technology - designed to help parents, teachers and children find firm footing in Digital India.

Creativity, critical thinking and complex problem solving are the three most desirable skills for today’s ‘Digital Indians’, and Dell Aarambh is a step towards building these three skills with the help of technology.

‘Dell Aarambh’ is truly a new way of learning PC usage skills 💻 and making computer knowledge accessible.

Dells’s Objectives

PC penetration in India stands at less than 10% and while parents and teachers alike are beginning to realize the importance of the PC 🖥️ in education, the knowledge of how to use PC for better learning continues to be a gap area with both these communities.

Armed with this insight the Brand wanted to impact consideration and advocacy with both parenting and teacher communities and drive conversations on how PC can be used effectively for holistic education.

The brand’s challenge was to not only reach relevant TG but to also suggest different kinds of activities using tools and platforms for getting students excited to be learners and creators.

Further, they wanted to associate their brand around a narrative of ‘Best PC for Digital Learning’ by highlighting their USPs of learning tools to make child’s digital journey, a safe one.

Our Approach

We started with understanding conversation insights on how the two consumer cohorts’ - parents & teachers view PC enabled learning and homed in on three key tenets:

(a) Adopt technology and knowledge sharing – webinars for parents & teachers
(b) Talk about barriers & roadblocks for PC led education – impact on cognitive and socio-emotional skills
(c) User review and feedback – tangible impact on kids learning

The goal of campaign was to focus on educating consumers on how technology can help build cognitive and socio-emotional skills of children and have a tangible impact on their learning and then showcase the efficacy of Dell PC in doing so with usage-based testimonials/reviews.

To achieve this, we selected the most relevant 68 parenting and 10 teacher communities with over 1.7M Members that had a huge affinity for PC enabled online education.

We also conducted a Pre & post Survey across these communities to validate campaign performance.

Campaign Structure


Our Strategy

This campaign was divided into 3 phases – the first phase being an Admin lead campaign sharing how children today are extensively using PC for their academics and co-curricular activities and hence benefits of PC enabled learning talking about technology and its impact on child’s education.

The second phase being an Expert Q&A session highlighted the benefits of PC enabled learning and prompted members to share their experiences and thoughts/ concerns and recommendations on adoption of technology and digital learning.

The third phase of the campaign was around user review / testimonial and this was done by Community Admins sharing their own proud moments around their child’s learning with photographs and encouraging members to start participating with their own stories via User Generated Content (UGCs) thus giving the brand the most compelling stories.

While the theme of the content was consistent across all the communities, the testimonials of members brought their own unique experiences of how their child has excelled in their learning journey using a Dell PC.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images

Videos of usage


Expert Q&A

Results 📈

Brand mentions
(increase from 2664)
Brand positive sentiment by end of campaign
User generated posts

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

The Campaign succeeded 🎉 in increasing PC enabled learning conversations to 44.5K an increase of almost 1.5X!

We received a lot of brand love throughout with a significant jump 📈 in the positive sentiment – upwards of 90%. As Brand mentions & UGCs poured in, we saw that purchase intent conversations increased significantly during the campaign - with a total of 1600 mentions linked to purchase and 450+ leads generated in the last phase whereinoffer call out was done in these communities. This meant that we were able to establish strong bottom funnel decision making as well.

We backed up our findings with an impact survey in these communities measuring the impact of the campaign through a pre and post survey and the results from 1100+ respondents were superb.

We established that usage of Dell laptops in the parenting segment (kids of age 6 years+ ) have moved up 📈️ from 35% (pre-survey) to 51% (post-survey) and in the teacher community it has moved up from 24% (pre-survey) to 55% (post-survey).

Further, Dell brand had gained significant uplift on associations of Performance tracking, customized learning and instilling self-discipline in children (parenting) – from 50% (pre-survey) to 65% (post-survey) and associations of flexibility, improved class participation and customized attention to students (teachers) - from 36% (pre-survey) to 45% (post-survey - Dell effectively becoming the most preferred PC enabled learning brand in these communities.

This helped to effectively establish the case for meaningful word-of-mouth campaigns driving consideration for the brand and Dell thus owning the narrative on PC 🖥 enabled learning.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

User love and brand advocacy for Dell. Mothers mentioned how they have been Dell users with positive feedback.

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