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Synonymous with the word color, Berger Paints is a Kolkata based multinational organization that offers its customer a variety of innovative painting solutions from decorative to industrial. The brand has a legacy of almost 100 years and is the second largest paint company in India.
Keeping up with the trend and innovation, the brand launched their new product Easy Clean. With the novel thought of the World is my canvas from a child’s outlook, this product is created from a cross linking formula with a luxurious look that is highly washable and durable.
With our forte in cohorts surrounding parents and moms, we were exceedingly excited to drive the narrative for Berger Easy Clean across communities.

Berger Easy Clean Objectives

Berger Paints wanted to reach out to parents, especially mothers, to encourage their children to never let them stop visualizing the world as their canvas. The brand believes that for a child any space in a home is a creative outlet specially walls and for an adult, cleaning those walls is a nightmare.
They wanted parents to let their kids channelise their creativity with the art on the wall and let Berger Easy Clean worry about the stains. They wanted to position themselves as the brand being for the kids and that Berger Paints Easy Clean is there for the Daag and Dhabba ensuring that the customers have perfect walls at the home.
The brand found mother’s day as a perfect occasion to reach out to the communities and share their message. With Facebook Communities being the largest conversation forum in India (& the world), Berger Paint explored partnering with Convosight to reach out to communities and drive meaningful conversations while showcasing the benefits of the product.

Our Approach

To begin with strategy for the campaign, we first observed the relevant conversations happening in the parenting communities. We observed that

  • Parents were sharing how children colour, draw or scribble on walls and stage their creativity
  • They were looking for suggestions and methods to clean the walls and remove the stains easily without damaging the wall paint
  • Members were also looking out for home painting suggestions/ recommendations in communities

Based on the conversations that were happening in the group, we decided to create moments around kids' creative wall arts. We focused on leverage those conversations in favour of Berger Easy Clean with Mother’s Day topical communication to encourage the creative side of the child while introducing the benefits of Berger Easy Clean across communities, educating members with all the features that Berger Paint Easy Clean offers and influence trails among them with the help of admin-led posts.
To achieve this, we selected the most relevant 97 parenting communities with over 3M members.

Campaign Structure


Our Strategy

We planned a single phase campaign for the brand focusing on educating the members about the Berger Easy Clean cross polymer formula which ensures no strains remain on the wall. Since the campaign was planned around the mother’s day, we focused of creating conversations where moms share their personal stories on how they used to scribble on the walls as kids and were scolded from their parents for the same but since times have changed and now they have products like Berger Easy Clean they do not want to restrict their kid’s imagination and creativity.
The mothers (admins of the groups) shared their personal stories and showed how they encourage and participate with their child to channelise their creativity with their art on the wall without any stress of the wall paint getting spoiled. They introduced the Berger Paints as their partner in ensuring that there is no constraint in kids' creative journey while ensuring that the walls look neat and clean.
They also encouraged members to share their personal experiences and the favorite wall art of their kids. We made this campaign more exciting by ensuring that some of the best wall arts receive some gift vouchers from the brand.
While the campaigns core idea was the same throughout all groups, the varied experiences and heartfelt testimonials of thousands of parents lent individuality and style to each post.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images

Results 📈

User Generated Posts
Brand Mentions
Likes and Comments(Target 10.7K)

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

  • Within a span of just 10 days, the brand received 5207 UGCs out of which 2139 were distinct posts. The members also actively engaged with the posts and the campaign received 20K + reactions and comments. The campaign received positive comments and engagement from members with brand mentions stating how Berger Easy Clean is their go to when the child scribbles or draws on the wall.
  • Positive feedback on the conversations include parents being happy (33%) and loving (25%) Berger Easy Clean.
  • 48% salience indicating the members wanting to “use” the brand and 38% are around giving Berger Easy Clean a “try”
  • There were around 9.4K conversations around home painting after the campaign.
  • Association with tension free cleaning, not worried of stains and having beautiful walls have come in the entries.
  • Members have used the word ‘tension’ - 1022 times in the campaign out of which, 26% salience is “tension nahi” and 24% being “tension free” when it comes to stains and daags on the wall. Tension here in conversations has been used in positive connotation meaning parents are not tense about wall paint w.r.t Berger Easy Clean.

With 99.5% positive conversations and the campaign over achieving its targets we successfully concluded the first pilot intervention for the brand while ensuring that the brand communication was received well by the parents.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

The unique experiences & testimonials of thousands of members brought their own personalities and style to each of their posts.

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