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Baby Dove is a tender branch of mother brand Dove, which has positioned itself as one of the top players in the beauty and skincare space in India. Baby dove is aimed at delivering neonatal & infant skin and hair care solutions with a diverse range of offerings tending to the diversity of their consumers’ needs. Within the huge clutter of established & new players in the baby care 👶 space, clamoring for the consumer’s attention.

Baby Dove believed organic recommendation & advocacy were the best ways to establish their credentials, and we were stoked to design a benefit led campaign 📣 for the brand to take its message to new mothers within the vast horizon of the parenting communities at Convosight.

Baby Dove’s Objectives

Baby Dove wanted to capture the attention of new mothers, who constantly keep looking for the safest and most gentle skincare solutions for their babies 👶.

The brand recognized that their target consumers are a section that base their shopping decisions on interactive knowledge they gain through communication with other mothers in similar situations. This prompted the brand to get an association with ‘Mildness’, which was the most discussed factor in baby skin care conversations.

By mapping its positioning with the most important purchase determinant, the brand wanted to primarily capture the mom’s attention during her initial consideration phase and drive brand switching as a secondary objective.

Our Approach

By analyzing conversations in the infant skin care space, we were able to determine that mildness and safety were factors of considerable importance to potential consumers, overtaking even brand loyalty over the past 2 quarters.

With a greater demand for products with less chemicals, and increased awareness around the ill-effects of harsh chemicals, we created a campaign narrative building on the extreme gentle nature of the product positioning it as the safest for a newborn’s skin.

The campaign was aimed at creating conversations around the array of skin care issues in babies, followed by driving the brand’s USPs as a natural 🌱 solution to the most discussed concerns around dryness, redness & skin flaking via in-use photos of their babies with the brand’s pack-shot and accompanied by the brand hashtags.

To achieve this, we selected the most relevant 70 Communities around New parents with over 1.8M Members that had a greater affinity for infant skin care solutions.

Campaign Structure


Our Strategy

The first leg of the (currently ongoing) campaign ran for two phases, each running for a month. The first phase was executed by getting Group Admins 👥 to share their personal experiences & thoughts around baby skin care and encouraging members to talk about the core skin care issues their babies 👶faced and what they felt a brand like Baby Dove could help solve.

This helped vocalize the positive experiences of many brand users, as they participated in the campaign with their personal stories in the form of User Generated Content (UGCs) for the brand. As these conversations led to a huge uplift 📈 in organic brand mentions around Baby Dove, we introduced the 2nd leg of the campaign as a 7-day Challenge 📅 to showcase the superior benefits of the product and strengthen the perception around product efficacy.

With every phase, we strengthened the association of attributes like ‘Mild’, ‘Safe’ and ‘Gentle’ with the brand, by exclusively highlighting these benefits in the Admin’s posts, serving as a template for other moms to gauge the brand on. While the content's core idea was the same throughout all groups, the varied experiences and heartfelt testimonials 👍 of thousands of moms lent individuality and style to each post.

Solution types

Static Posts

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Results 📈

Increase in brand share of voice from 0.9%
Brand mentions during the campaign
User generated posts

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

The campaign succeeded 🎉 in increasing baby skin care category conversations from 38K to 89K within the 1st phase itself, an increase of 135%.

As Brand mentions & UGCs poured in, we saw that 71.5% of Brand mentions were linked to direct usage, a significant jump 📈 from 57.9% in Phase-1 and a massively different case from the negligible figures in the pre-campaign period. This highlighted that we were able to establish strong bottom funnel decision making by the end of the second leg of the campaign.

Over 20% of Brand mentions in the 1st phase were linked to trial intent and another 20% around recommendation to other moms. In the 2nd phase we saw usage linked mentions rise to 72% from 58% in Phase 1, establishing that trial intent in Phase 1 led to actual trial and usage by Phase 2, with almost 1000 more UGCs in Phase-2 vs Phase-1.

Further 88% of total Brand mentions had strong associations with ‘mild’ & ‘gentle’ attributes, indicating the campaign was able to successfully map the brand’s functional benefits with consumer perception. Once the 1st leg of the campaign ended, we saw the brand’s share of voice sustaining at 19% with no intervention for three weeks post phase 2, effectively establish a case for lasting impact created by meaningful word-of-mouth 🗣 campaigns.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Through the campaign we successfully triggered the 'trying' factor among moms for the range, with Admin led product reviews.

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