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7 Sureshot Ways To Revive Your Dead Facebook Group

  • by Simran Grover
  • April 21, 2020

Did you start a Facebook group a while ago to promote your business but don’t see it going anywhere now? Is silence all you hear?

Well, you’re not alone in this. Almost all of us have been a part of this unfavorable scenario at some point in time.

What if we tell that you can turn tables in your favor?

Sure, you can do that as we bring to you 7 full-proof ways to breathe life in your existing Facebook group and get your business going again.

Today, Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users, 1 billion of which participate in Facebook groups.
(Just in case you were looking for a reason to invest your time and energy in resuscitating your old Facebook group!)

Actually, there is more! Why don’t you just go through them once, convince yourself completely, and then look at the ways to revive your Facebook group.

So, let’s get started!

Why Should Businesses Rely On Facebook Groups To Grow?

We’re all aware of how Facebook’s 2018 algorithm changes prioritized group postings over Facebook’s business pages.
According to Mark Zuckerberg, this was done to strengthen relationships, build communities, and show users more of the content they wish to see.
How to Revive FB Group
Source: Facebook

One of the main reasons why people join Facebook groups and actively participate in them is simply because these groups are more personal. Besides, Facebook groups provide tremendous value to their target audience as compared to Facebook business pages which are almost dead now.

Just like the famous question-and answer platform Quora, Facebook groups are certainly great for social sharing, be it informative posts or about announcing the latest offers. It is undoubtedly a 24×7 marketing platform and houses some of the most loyal fans of your business. These fans are likely to turn into your brand ambassadors too!
Aren’t these some of the best reasons to rescue your withering Facebook group today? We certainly believe so.
Without further ado, let’s have a look at how to do it.

7 Sure Shot Ways To Revive Your Dead Facebook Group

If your lifeless Facebook group has been long lying as is, it’s time you implement these 7 ways that are guaranteed to bring it back to life.

7 Sure Shot Ways To Revive Your Dead Facebook Group

1. Change your cover photo and give your group a makeover

Hacks for Facebook’s business pages
Now that it has been months or probably a year since you created your Facebook group, it’s time that you give it a makeover. Especially when you have decided to make a comeback.
While your logo remains the same, all you need to worry about is choosing a nice cover photo that resembles your brand. In case you want to showcase new products, or there are any ongoing discounts, offers on existing ones, you must upload one around it.
Besides, you can choose a cover photo that reflects a special occasion (like Christmas) or any seasonal event (like spring).
It will not only give your Facebook group a fresh feel but also attract the attention of your audience.

2. Sharpen the purpose of your Facebook group

Hacks to Revive Facebook Groups

Your Facebook group might be about “Travelling and Backpacking”. But, how about you change it to “Travelling and Backpacking across India”?
Which of these two options rightly attracts your audience?
The second one, right?
Simply because it strongly caters to the needs of young travelers who are looking to explore different parts of India.
Communicating the exact benefits your Facebook group can offer to people not only helps save their time and effort but also attracts new members.
Always remember, when you are precise with your offerings, you garner a lot of attention and engagement.

3. Post varied content

Once you’ve successfully given your Facebook group a makeover and redefined its purpose, it’s time to push your best content.
Be prepared with a content strategy beforehand and then get down to business.Your audience is expecting some good stuff, so make sure that you don’t let them down. Your content should be unique, varied, and attention-grabbing.

Always remember, ‘Engagement is the king in communities’. So, make sure to post frequently (at least 4-5 times a day). But, at the same time, do not overwhelm your audience with too much information. And, don’t forget to invite members to share their opinions on a shared topic of interest.

The best content formats for engagement are polls, picture posts with questions, live videos with experts where members can ask questions alongside weekly member welcome and introduction posts.
Here is a sample weekly plan you could follow:
Day 1 – Member Welcome Post and theme of the week (if relevant to your group)
Day2 – Member Introduction post asking them to tell everyone about
Day 3 – Poll
Day 4 – Informational post
Day 5 – Live Video with admin/ expert
Day 6 – Informational posts with questions asking members for their opinions
Day 7 – Most commented posts of the week
You can have a look at the screenshots below to get more clarity.
Revive Your Business's Dead Facebook Group

Best Method to Revive Facebook Page

When you are quick and efficient in posting on your Facebook group, you increase the chances of audience engagement. So, give your audience enough reasons to bounce back!

4. Attract new members with the help of existing members

It is rightly said that ‘Happy customers can be your best brand ambassadors’.
So, all you need is to focus on the different ways to provide value to your existing group members. satisfied.
In fact, one of the best hacks to attract new members to your Facebook group is via running contests. But at the same time, do remember that engagement is the key.

Revive FB Group

As long as your readers like your content, they shall be happy to help you out.
Remember, most businesses thrive with this referral system!

5. Get active members to your rescue

Every Facebook group has some super-active members. They are either constantly engaging with your posts or maybe are your happy and satisfied customers.
Why not seek them out for help? Everyone feels good when valued and appreciated.
That said, ask them to be your helping hand. They can be the admin to your Facebook group and help promote your business.
All you need to do is just reach out to them and get insight into what exactly they are looking for in your Facebook group. And then, invite them to become group leaders/admins.
Doing this will not only foster a sense of trustworthiness but it will also remove some burden off your shoulders. You will be able to monitor the operations and interactions taking place in the group easily. After all, having someone at your aid is obviously better than managing everything on your own!

6. Use ‘GATED’ content to your advantage

For those of you who aren’t aware of gated content, it is “exclusive content” that becomes accessible to all the users (non-members) after they perform the desired action.

Source: Social Media Examiner

It’s always a great way to entice customers as it’s a two-way thing.

For instance, you created a premium post on email marketing. Alongside this, you also designed an email template for your users. Now, you host it in some section of your Facebook group and give them the option to access it once they join the group.

Fair enough, isn’t it?

This is the concept of gated content. It ensures that only quality members gain access to your content while at the same time, eliminating any chances of spamming. Furthermore, the members who have access to this gated content feel privileged.

Bang on! This is just what you want them to feel. Hence, mission accomplished!

7. Create a pinned post to highlight the purpose of the group

Ever observed how some people actively participate in a group whereas others are more silent?
Well, it’s mostly because they lack awareness of how and what to communicate. Such is the case with a Facebook group.
Being the founder of the Facebook group, it is your responsibility to set some ground rules. And, communicate those to your group members.
rebuild your Facebook group
This way you provide them some clarity and sense of direction on what sort of conversations are encouraged. Once your audience is aware of this, they will themselves step forward and participate.
As a best practice, you can create a post on this and pin it at the top of your Facebook group to highlight the feel and vibe of your group.
On the other hand, please note that trust is built gradually. Seeing other members ask questions and participate in discussions will encourage the other members to take part. So, seed in questions and posts from your active members if you want to entice others!

There are numerous ways to rebuild your Facebook group and interact with your members, however, the aforementioned ones will help you get started. The potential of Facebook groups is actually unprecedented and their organic reach is far better than that of Facebook business pages.

That said, keep these points in mind, combine them with your marketing efforts, and your business is likely to thrive.

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