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These 12 Things Will Increase UGC by 100% In Your Facebook Group in 2020

  • by Manoj
  • May 20, 2020

Being a member of a community is an investment. The communities which understand and value this are the ones that thrive.

As a community entrepreneur, the onus is on you to put that initial effort and move the community towards healthy engagement.

But how? What should you do to get your community members to participate?

Well, we are here to tell you exactly that.

After comprehending the fairly complex Facebook algorithm, going through hundreds of content pieces, and exploring the sincere efforts of some of the most successful community leaders, we have collated a list of the 12 best strategies that are proven to convert those 5-10 likes into 50-100 likes in just 7 days in your Facebook group.

So, read on! You can thank us later! 😛

#1. Tag all new members in the welcome message (Engagement Level: VERY HIGH)

While you welcome new members in your group and make them feel at home, make it a point to tag them as well.

CMX Hub, the professional Facebook group of CMX, the premier membership network for community professionals, introduces new community members every Monday. Their moderator even lists a few questions around which the new CMX’ers can introduce themselves.

How to Increase UGC on Facebook
How to Increase User Generated content on Facebook Groups

Besides, don’t forget to reply to every member’s introductory post. This will make them feel valued, included, and comfortable enough to share their thoughts in the journey ahead. 🙂

#2. Include games and offer rewards (Engagement Level: VERY HIGH)

Who doesn’t love the ‘high’ competition gives? Or, enjoy the sweet feeling of victory?

If not that, then there is FOMO! (Fear Of Missing Out)

Clearly, when members of a community see their counterparts indulging in something exciting, they are enthused and wish to dive in too.

Here’s how Cryptocurrency News, a community of over 11K crypto trading geeks discussing safe and intelligent crypto investing strategies is giving us some major gamification and social rewarding goals.

Importance of Including games and offer rewards on FB Group

The gamified investing challenge with Gimmer certainly attracted a lot of attention and participation from the crypto community. And, the free Gimmer tokens and T Shirts were indeed an icing on the cake! 😛

#3. Conduct polls, quizzes, and surveys (Engagement Level: VERY HIGH)

Not sure of what your group members would like to hear? Ask them directly!

At least that’s what Fujifilm X-T user group does.

Conduct polls, quizzes, and surveys
Not only do they use polls to know what their members would like to talk about but also to tap into their likes.

Importance of Conducting polls, quizzes, and surveys

I know you’re thinking about surveys now. We’ve got you covered there too!

Kids Nutrition and Recipes is a platform of approximately 3.2 lakh mommies who are welcomed to share nutrition and food related information for their little munchkins.

Boy, they are using surveys quite extensively!

Tips to increase UGC on FB Groups

User Generated Content on Facebook Groups

And, quizzes too where they even include a prize. (Just look at the engagement though!)

Importance of Quiz on Facebook Groups
Sounds like a win-win, isn’t it?

#4. Add relevant members who will add value (Engagement Level: HIGH)

Your silent Facebook group requires people who are interested and passionate about the cause.

So, make it a point to screen members beforehand if you want your community to be swamped with meaningful conversations.

With the aim to encourage over 27K like-minded people to live fully and be their best selves, always assesses people before adding them.

Importance of Adding Valuable Members in FB Group

It is only after the group admins and moderators are convinced with intent of the potential member, they are allowed to become a part of the group.

#5. Share unique content (regularly) that your community loves (Engagement Level: HIGH)

9 out of 10 community entrepreneurs claim that members do not interact with repetitive content. They’re always looking for something unique and want an altogether fresh perspective on the table.
Simultaneously, the Facebook algorithm also prioritizes quality over quantity.
(P.S. No sharing of any copyrighted information or re-sharing of others’ posts if you wish to be discovered by your audience)

So, put your visual skills to use and create an image quote like Contiki Holidays did and used in its group.

Unique Content on Facebook Groups

Or, you can take some inspiration from Indian WomenEra, a female centric group connecting females hailing from different parts of India.

unique content on fb groups

Amazing Ideas to Increase UGC on Your FB Groups

That’s not all… Videos too should be a part of your content strategy as they are the best conversation starters.

The admin of Delhi Foodiez, a group which brings together over 33K foodies took a unique approach by combining images and videos in a single post. Undoubtedly, the engagement is pretty amazing! 🙂

Why Videos are important on Facebook Groups

Here’s a tip. Tap into your audience’s conversations and get insights for generating unique content.

Convosight’s “Conversation Trends” feature helps you do the same. It analyses the conversations of your group members and provides a list of the trending keywords without revealing user identity. Thus, you can use them to form your content strategy.

Tricks for User Generated content on Facebook Groups

Amazing Unique Content on FB Groups

On the other hand, if you wish to know about the top performing posts in your group, you can rely on the “Post Trends” feature of Convosight. It provides you the activity score and even the ability to repost the best performing posts.

Post Trends on FB Group

#6. Post at the most engaging times (Engagement Level: HIGH)

And, make every post count!

As a community owner, you need to check at what time your members are the most and the least active. And, further, publish your content accordingly.

But, how to know which is the best time to post?

It actually depends on the type of community.

With Convosight, you have a wealth of this data available which is easy to interpret.

Akansha, the proud owner of the Facebook group, ‘Parenting Mom Style’ which boasts of over 34K members, says:

“I have always looked at the best times and days to post in my group. Earlier, I got this data from Facebook insights but I faced one major issue, i.e. the data is presented in the form of bar graphs which is hard to comprehend.

However, Convosight has taken my community game a level up. It not only recommends me the best days and times according to my audience’s engagement but also helps me schedule the content.

Convosight Features for FB Groups

#7. Use engagement pods to up your social game (Engagement Level: HIGH)

Who are the first people you connect with for sharing any important information? Your family and friends, right?

Do the same when you post anything in your Facebook group. Especially if you want it to gain the desired traction.

As per Facebook’s algorithm, the posts that manage to get a good number of likes and comments initially tend to work very well.

So, go ahead and form a group on any messenger service (like WhatsApp). Push all your posts there so that your squad jumps right in and shows the much needed love. Or even better, just share with them your content calendar so they know in advance when to act!

#8. Track the most engaging posts and member growth (Engagement Level: HIGH)

We’ve been taught since childhood to “learn from our mistakes”, haven’t we?

So, apply it here and know all about your posts’ performance and analyse the scope of improvement.

Convosight helps understand all about:

  • Member Growth

  • Convosight Facebook Groups Tool

  • The Best and Worst Performing Posts

  • Convosight an Facebook Group Admins Tool

  • How the current posts are performing in comparison to the older ones?

  • Convosight FB Group Analytics Tool
    Now when you have all this data, just think of the improvements you can make in your communication strategy and the number of likes and comments that will come along!

    #9. Use Convosight’s Urgent Alerts Feature (Engagement Level: HIGH)

    It’s a kickass feature that allows you to take action on all spam from a single dashboard.

    Wondering how?

    Well, for starters, the platform analyses the conversation of group members so it is able to pick the words that are identified as spam for your group.

    Once you add the words/phrases that are spam for your group, you’ll receive a notification when any of those are used.

    Amazing, right?

    10 Things Will Increase UGC
    How to increase UGC

    When response time to members’ concerns will be fast, the engagement will automatically increase!

    #10. Use Facebook Live Videos (Engagement Level: HIGH)

    In a recent blog post, Facebook’s Adam Mosseri shared,

    “Live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.”

    So, get started with Facebook Live with a conversation, performance, question and answer discussion, or for any event. And, you’re likely to succeed!

    Indian WomenEra is definitely on a roll as they go live with one of the most sought after Tarot readers on public demand!

    Live Video Feature on FB Group

    #11. Harness the power of ‘hashtags’ (Engagement Level: MEDIUM)

    Although slightly tricky, ‘hashtags’ are a good resource when used correctly. They not only expand the reach of your group, making it even more searchable, but at the same time allow users to discover relevant content and conversations.

    The key to using them is:

  • To not overuse/underuse them (ideally, 2-3 are recommended in a post)
  • Use industry relevant hashtags only
  • Use them at the end of the sentence only
  • Create your own hashtags only if they are relevant to your business/audience
  • Here’s how the admin of “Home Remedies for Babies and Moms” is using hashtags in the posts smartly.

    How to use Hashtags

    #12. Provide clarity on what members can post in the group (Engagement Level: MEDIUM)

    You can do this by laying some ground rules. This will provide them a sense of direction as to what is expected of them and how they must engage in the group.

    ‘Mom’s Lifestyle, Beauty, and Health Tips’, the leading Facebook group of over 74K moms clearly mentions the group rules in their description.

    Increase User Generated Content By user
    This way they have created a safe space for all the moms out there albeit, they do not hesitate from sharing their thoughts.

    Unique Ideas for FB Group UGC
    That’s all folks!

    These are the 12 powerful hacks that are more than enough to motivate members to participate in your Facebook group. Implement them correctly and engagement is likely to follow! Happy engaging ! 🙂

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